A Day in London

I’ve been an official single pringle for quite a while. And whilst sometimes this can be a little bit of a downer, I think it’s super important to still feel able to do all of the things that you may feel like you ‘need’ another half to do. Whilst there are some things I am yet to conquer (ordering in a ‘proper’ restuarant by myself, still can’t shake the fear of a ‘table for one’), I feel pretty good about doing things independently.
A couple of weeks ago (life has been a little mental, which is why I’ve been a little absent) I took myself to London mainly to attend a careers seminar, but figured I might as well make a day of it.
The main reason for me heading in early was to get the chance to see the poppies that have been placed in the moat of the Tower of London to make the centenary of the First World War. Each individual poppy represents one British death during the four year conflict; giving the whole thing a really poignant beauty. I was there during half term week, so it was a little bit uncomfortably busy, especially at the Tower Hill tube station but it was very much worth it. Also its position gives you a gorgeous view of Tower Bridge and across the river to HMS Belfast.


My next stop (after a bit of a trek through the City to avoid Tower Hill station) was the Nordic Bakery in Soho.


I’ve wanted to go since a former colleague uploaded a picture of their baked goods onto Facebook and it looked delicious. At first I regretted not also getting one of their salmon on rye bread as well as a cinnamon bun, but the bun was surprisingly filling. I’m used to the Americanised version of the treat which is more bread/cakey whereas this was actually pastry (so did require a little bit of attack with the knife and fork). The bakery is in a really nice bit of London as well, although close to Piccadilly Circus it’s all pretty calm and the coffee was good too.
As the careers event was at the National Theatre, I ended my day on the Southbank, somewhere that I haven’t really been before. I didn’t really get much of a chance to hang around, but I loved the look of the secondhand book & record stand, and of course the famous skate park. There are also loads of restaurants and bars in the area, making it feel really buzzy.


The poppies are at the Tower of London until the end of November; more information about them and the Tower itself can be found here. The Nordic Bakery has a couple of other locations in London and more info and their menu can be seen here. The event I attended was part of a new initiative by the National Theatre at their Learning Centre, and upcoming events can be found here.

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