2014 Throwback: The Year via My Phone

Taking advantage of late Valentine’s Day reductions-Delicious mac & cheese at The Shipping ForecastThe docks in Liverpool-Pre Speakeasy selfie-Silent disco with my housemates-Favourite spring flowers-Rainbow at Selly Oak train station-First ever cronut-Risque tights impulse purchased after seeing this (yet to be worn)

Selfie for no good reason-Finishing my dissertation-21st birthday lunch at Hotel du Vin-21st birthday selfie-Personalised cupcakes from my housemates-Dinner & drinks at The Lost & Found-life changing hot cross buns


More favourite flowers-No make-up selfie-Definitely make-up selfie-Costa (still not my fave)-Cat lady life-Lunch at The Royal Oak-Discovering frozen Greek yogurt


Pre-work selfie-Holiday baking featuring these cookies-Inheriting a gorgeous copy of the Collected Works of Shakespeare-Easter ‘haul’-Nanny’s amazing Easter cake-embracing tartan-Yet another selfie-Google’s Audery Hepburn doodle


We Were Liars-Meerkats at London Zoo on probably the best first date-Personalised coke bottles-World cup cookies-final photos of the University of Birmingham’s campus-pre Grad Ball selfie


Seeing the sunrise-Seeing Carlos Acosta & Tamara Rojo dancing in Romeo & Juliet at the Albert Hall-Selfie before last outing with work-WWI display in Birmingham-Saying goodbye to Birmingham-View from new job’s office-Arcade Fire at Hyde Park-Pre graduation day drinks at The Lost & Found


Graduation day selfies with the family-Officially finishing university-trip to Italy ft Camiorie, Florence & Pisa


Trip to Cumbria-Office job selfie-Getting a fringe again-The Bone Clocks-St Pancras station


Best album of the year!-St Paul’s from the Southbank-Poppies at the Tower of London-Southbank Centre quotes-Seeing Shakespeare in Love-Another pre-Speakeasy selfie-Another pretty coffee-Starting current job & some of the perks


Christmas in Birmingham with Mum & brother-Christmas tree-Christmas day selfie-The most ‘me’ gift I received-Boxing day walk with the family-Almost a white christmas



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