January Favourites


January is known as being pretty much the worst month. It’s a come down after the festive period, it seems to drag on forever and it’s dark seemingly all the time. Therefore, focusing on the good is certainly helpful in getting through the month.


I have two nail polish favourites which is a definite side effect of work. We’re allowed to wear nail polish so long as it looks nice, and not chipped. These two polishes did a really good job of lasting a long time and looking great. The Ciate polish came in my advent calender, and is really space-agey. I saw the Maybelline on Amelia Liana’s instagram and it’s really great-and does genunially last pretty much the 7 days it claims to. I use both of this with an Essie base coat, which probably helps.



I know technically Christmas Eve was a long time ago, but festive scents are probably my favourite thing. Plus, this was a Christmas present from my parents so I kind of had to burn it. This made my room feel really warm and I am pretty heartbroken that the wick has broken and so it just won’t light anymore.

Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel
I popped into Lush before Christmas as I bought my Mum a bath melt, and spied Rose Jam when I was there. This is a product I thought they’d discontinued and doesn’t appear to be on the website anymore, but it smells heavenly. Think Turkish Delight in a bottle. If they bring it back I would definitely recommend it, and it does looks as though they have a bath product with the same scent.



I tend to stay away from BB/CC creams generally because they don’t tend to offer the coverage I need or tend to look pretty ashy on my skin. However, I was really pleasantly surprised by the Bourjois CC cream. It offers really good coverage without feeling really heavy.

I’ve been a subscriber to Elle UK for a while and just wanted to give this month’s issue a shout-out. Whilst I’m not crazy about the fashions for the new seasons, I really liked Emma Forrest’s article on growing up as a girl and a wonderful article about the ballerina Michaela DePrince, who was orphaned during the civil war in Sierra Leone. Plus, this month’s Vogue had the individual cover debut of the gorgeous Jourdan Dunn, important in the sense that women of colour are hardly ever represented within the fashion industry. Plus, there’s a really good article about David Miliband, the former Labour MP who now runs an NGO. Annoyingly, you can’t read any of these online but if you can track the magazines down before the March issues come out-I would recommend them both.

Internet Favourites
The entirety of Buy Now/Blog Later. I realise that I am incredibly late to this party, but I watched Laura’s YouTube channel waaay back in the day and never realised that she made the leap to blogging. Entirely no nonsense approach to product reviewing and a hair style that made me seriously ponder going blonde for about a day.
-Victoria Beckham has definitely grown on me since her days of hair extension and lead WAG status (remember this?). This 73 questions is hella cheesy but she’s so dry and brilliant.
-I have a pretty love/hate relationship with Cosmopolitan but this list of things they want from the General Election this year is fabulous
This is a pretty harrowing account put together by Human Rights Watch about the situation in the Central African Republic; a story that rumbles on despite minimal news coverage
-I’ve read Audery’s blog for years, since she was a student at Durham and when mirror selfies were considered acceptable for OOTDs. Her fashion sense is great, and I love what she has to say about love
Rose and her magnificent blow-dry went to Florence. I am jealous and miss Italy a. lot.
-Some idiot on Fox News implied that Birmingham was run by Muslims and full of terrified white people. Twitter worked its magic. 
Laura, Megan and Emma got together to talk about supporting other women rather than feeling the need to compete with them. I love this entire concept, also all three of these girls’ blogs are pretty great as well.


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