The I Love Spring Tag


I saw this tag on Jennie’s blog, and I thought it would give me the chance to do a  kind of favourites post as the questions definitely bring up some of my current most-used products.

Favourite thing about spring?
My favourite thing, and probably the most obvious, is the fact that the weather slowly starts to improve, and I no longer need to leave the house looking like a Michelin man. Plus, as I live pretty rurally it’s nice to see the countryside start to come alive. Also lambs. And ducklings.

Are you a spring cleaner?
I tend to do random monthly cleans where I go through all my things and choose what to bin, give away and what to keep. But the new season definitely inspires me to go through my clothes and things to see what I really need.

Favourite spring candle?
I’m still getting into the whole candle thing, but I got the Yankee Candle in Garden Sweet Pea for my birthday and it does make my room smell really fresh.



Favourite spring accessory?
I don’t have a specific accessory that I bring out in spring, but at the minute I am definitely carrying both my sunglasses and my umbrella everywhere I go. My absolute favourite thing about spring is that it’s finally leather jacket weather, meaning that I can finally whip out my gorgeous leather jacket that I got for Christmas from Zara (a similar one is here)
Favourite spring nail polish?
My nail colours don’t really change that much season to season, but a couple of new purchases means that at the moment I’ve really been enjoying pastel colours. The new Quick Dry Barry M range has been all over the internet, so this probably isn’t anything new, but I own Eat My Dust and Lap of Honour and love them. As someone who constantly tries to do things within seconds of finishing my nails, this product is designed for me.


Favourite spring lip colour?
Again, I’m not a massive changer-upper of my lip colour season to season, I’m of the belief that you can rock any colour all year round. However, I do tend towards pinks during spring. I like the Seventeen lipstick in Beehive that I mentioned here; and I recently purchased the Bourjois Rogue Edition Aqua Laque (longest name ever?) in 1 and really like the colour.

Favourite spring blush?
I definitely lean towards blushes which have more of a ‘sparkle’ to them. Something that can give my face a bit of a lift in the sun.

Favourite spring base?
I definitely prefer to wear a lighter base during the slightly warmer months. However, as I don’t have the most flawless skin I do still need a bit of coverage which the Bourjois CC Cream really offers. It’s lightweight and natural looking, but still covers redness really well. I do have to powder it to make it look less shiny so that’s one to remember if you have oily-combination skin.

Favourite spring scent?
So my biggest beauty secret is that I’m really bad at wearing perfume. I’ve yet to find a scent that really feels like ‘me’. However, in my collection the two that are the lightest are Paul Smith’s Sunshine which I inherited from my Mum and is probably slowly evaporating. Another is Accessorize’s Enchanted  which has a gorgeous bottle and a light scent-the only downside is that it doesn’t last that long on my skin.


So that’s all for a spring season favourites!
What do you love about spring?

2 thoughts on “The I Love Spring Tag”

  1. Oh I love the Bourjois CC Cream, I find it one of the most natural looking bases. The glowy element can be annoying on warmer days, but I found it helped make my skin look more alive during the dry winter!


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