Clicklist #2

I really enjoyed Haley’s response to an interview with Fran Lebowitz which was kind of problematic. Though it was with that woman who stalked a Goodreads user, so I guess we can’t be too surprised.

Rosie went to Bourne & Hollingsworth for brunch and I want to go; because bottomless bellini’s sounds amazing.

I’m going to sound like a complete cretin now, but for the longest time, Japan wasn’t really somewhere I wanted to visit. But, after seemingly everyone I read on the internet going, I’m beginning to re-asses my opinion. These posts by Cat and Victoria have definitely piqued my interest. It’s certainly making me more intrigued.

On the flip side, Iceland is somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit (because northern lights) and so Amy’s sneak peak makes me ever more desparate to go.

Meg wrote a really great article about how important it is not to put off your smear test. This is a few years off me yet, but is definitely something to bear in mind.

Alexandra wrote this great piece in response to someone being afraid of constant failure after a bad audition. Whilst I’m not a performer, her advice is pretty on point.

Sometimes I worry that I’ve romanticised Paris too much. That if I am ever fortunate enough to visit it won’t meet my expectations. But then people like Charlotte upload photos like these, and I begin to think that maybe it is just truly that beautiful.

Gemma (whose blog re-brand I adore) just uploaded a recipe for BOUNTY OATMEAL. Which sounds heavenly and is something I definitely need to make.

16 pictures of politicians improved by Taylor Swift lyrics. Is exactly what it sounds like.


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