April Buys


After last months bonanza, I was a lot more restrained in the month of April, despite it being similarly rubbish. Although this post doesn’t include the amount of chocolate/sweets/coffee that I’ve been buying as they don’t really bear thinking about.


I only purchased one clothing item this month in the shape of these jeans from Marks & Spencer. They’re really comfy and whilst the fit isn’t really at Topshop level for me (the Joni’s are my ultimate fave), these are a great everyday jean. Though I chose a size down and I would recommend you do the same, especially if you’re at the smaller end of your size.


This next product is the only real miss of the month, and I am gutted. Jess at Foolish Oats uses this BB cream and really sold it to me, especially as Gosh is one of the very few high street brands that is cruelty free. It has a really silky texture and gives a nice sheer but buildable coverage. But the day after wearing it I woke up with the sort of spots I haven’t had in ages so I doubt I’ll be wearing it again. Worth checking out if your skin is less wimpy than mine.


I’ve previously mentioned this product in my I Love Spring post, but I was lured into buying one of the Bourjois Aqua Laque’s. It’s a really pretty pink colour on the lips and I love that it does feel very ‘aqua’, and not at all drying. It just doesn’t really seem to last all that long.


Again, this is another product that has been previously mentioned, but I do really like these nail polishes. You do need a basecoat and topcoat to try and make them last longer than a day, but the polish does really dry super quickly.


This product only arrived in the last days of the month so I haven’t had that much chance to use it. However, my lips are a bit of a disaster at the moment and I’m trying anything to make them look less sore and chapped. This certainly feels nourishing and smells pretty first-aidy so I’ve got my fingers crossed.
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Disclaimer: Although I currently work for M&S, I paid for those jeans with my own money. And I missed out on Double Discount by a day, d’oh.

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