Podcast Recommendations

Podcasts seem to be gaining more and more of a presence of the internet these days; rather than being a simply ways to catch up with radio programmes there now seems to be a podcast about literally anything you can think of. I’m a big podcast listener-they’ve kept me going through many an essay or job application-and so I thought I’d let you know some of my favourites.

I listen to an embarrassing amount of book podcasts, mainly because I like to live vicariously through people who can read a scary amount of books a year. The downside to this is that I have an ever-growing wishlist of books that I want to buy (despite perhaps owning 70+ unread books [I know]).

My top favourite is the Book Riot podcast, presented by Jeff O’Neal, Rebecca Schinsky and Amanda Nelson. Book Riot as a website is a bit of a book nerd’s paradise; and their podcast covers all the latest book news. They’re especially good at discussing the importance of diversity in publishing, and are in no way snobby

I’d also like to give a shot-out to Overdue. This podcast is basically two friends, Andrew and Craig, discussing classic or popular books they ‘should have read by now’. It’s really funny, they’re Fifty Shades episodes made me properly laugh out loud.

Mark Kermode & Simon Mayo’s podcast from their BBC Five Live film review show is probably the first podcast I really listened to. It tends to feature an interview with an actor or director, followed by the UK Box Office Top 10 and then Kermode reviews the week’s new releases. The two presenters have an excellent rapport, having worked together for over a decade, and there are tons of in-jokes within the regular listeners. It’s a great way of sounding way more educated about film than you actually are as well.

Another of my long-time loves has been the theatre. A podcast which has lasted the years has been This Week on Broadway. This is obviously an American podcast, but it looks at developments within the New York theatre area and beyond (which tends to be a lot more inventive than here). Whilst there are times that they’re older dude opinions can make me a tad uncomfortable (especially when they discuss female characters), Peter Filichia and Michael Portantiere have a vast knowledge between them. I have just discovered As Yet Unnamed, which is an English equivalent.

I’d also give a shout-out to The Ensemblist and Theatre People, both of which are interview based podcasts-the former focusing on ensemble performers in musical theatre and the latter interviewing key theatrical performers.

If you get frequently frustrated at the fact that HBO refuses to allow much of John Oliver’s videos be watchable outside of the States, then The Bugle is the podcast for you. Along with Andy Zaltzman, this is a regular satire podcast covering the UK and global affairs.  Probably not one to listen to on public transport due to pretty high snorting possibilities.

Serial seems to be the podcast that really took off last year, and was truly fantastic (if you haven’t listened go. now). It started life as part of the This American Life podcast, which is a magazine show with each episode having a set theme and stories feeding into this. The stories have made me laugh and cry so far and I would 100% recommend it.

If you have any recommendations, please let me know!

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