Clicklist #4

The Financial Diet has fast become one of my favourite websites. Although it is pretty American-centric, its emphasis on talking about financial issues at a time when most online websites focus on the material is refreshing. I especially appreciate this article on food shopping; how not to go broke moving house; and why we should probably stop trying to seem perfect.

Two posts that really inspired my wanderlust; Amy at The Little Magpie’s guide to Crete and Kate at gh0stparties post on Iceland.

I unashamedly love astrology, and I loved this post by Jess about reasons why it’s awesome (Pisces with a Leo moon…if you were wondering).

Why Every Girl Should Have a Night Away on Her Own

Emily Diana Ruth makes some of my favourite YouTube videos, and she’s started writing more on her blog and I really recommend you check out both.

Rosie went to the Carsten Holler exhibition in London and it looks like the most fun ‘art’ exhibition I’ve ever seen.

27 Reasons Why It’s Bloody Amazing to be a Woman in Her Twenties Right Now. Because it’s easy to focus on the bad stuff.

I found Charlotte’s post on her home in London really moving.

A friend of mine lives in Liverpool, and somehow I’ve never managed to get to Crosby to see these amazing statutes. Cat’s post has definitely pushed them up my to-see list.

Returning to travel posts Kate did a two part series on her trip to New York, and Hannah wrote a little piece on her relationship with the city as well. It’s somewhere that I really, really, really want to go.

I loved this by Haley on the portrayal of women in films, and the shout out to Call Your Girlfriend which is a fab podcast that you really need to be listening to.

And that’s that for June. I think I’m going to start doing these sort of posts weekly rather than monthly as I watch/read far too much on the internet to stop these being thousands of words long. And I don’t want to look like too much of a Single White Female toward my favourite blogs!

I hope June has been good for you
Picture credit here.

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