Life Lately #1

So it’s been a little while, hasn’t it?

I’ve been pretty busy since the start of the month and have some exciting things to share with you so I thought I’d do a quick catch-up post as I haven’t done anything ‘lifey’ since my flat trauma post.

After working many a 12-hour shift in June I was very very excited to be going to see Taylor Swift in Manchester with my brother’s girlfriend and my slightly less enthusiastic brother. I’m a bit of a late convert to all things Swift, having fallen in love with Red after a break-up (cliche, much) and then buying her complete discography. 1989 is a total party of an album, and getting to see it live was a real treat. Taylor performed for two hours and it was probably one of the most fun couple of hours I’ve had from the ace wristbands (which I know aren’t new, I saw Coldplay on their tour when they used them and honestly more stadium acts should get on it) to the sheer excitment of the crowd to be there it was a blast. Plus, it also allowed for a trip up to Manchester, a city I’d never visited and was really pleasantly surprised by.

I then spent the hottest days of the year alternately at work (where working with a giant chiller was never so lovely) and looking at flats (and I found one-more on which soon). I then returned to Birmingham for an early induction to my new job (I don’t start until August, but it was nice to meet some other newbies). I managed to time my arrival with a thunderstorm so ran up to my Premier Inn (which as far as cheaper hotels go is fab-comfy bed, nice bathrooms, free tea) and sat around taking selfies and watching Hercules whilst I waited for my suede shoes to dry out. I then trotted out to the Bullring to fill my burger craving. Despite living in Brum when it opened, I’d never tried out Five Guys, and was keen to give it a try. And I’m a little on the fence. The food is fresh, servings reasonable and if you like tons of toppings on your burgers this is your place and they literally have every type of Cola imaginable. However my regular burger, small fries and drink was more than £13 which just felt a tad overpriced. Although thinking about it now is making me pretty hungry.

More recently, I had my last shift at Marks and Spencer. I am actually quite sad to be going, mainly because the girls I worked with were lovely and gave me such a nice send-off. Though not having to worry about the stock files or newspapers or tickets is pretty damn great. And I’ve thrown in a bonus picture of my cat who I’m going to miss more than I should really admit.

I’ve also just got back from a holiday to Tuscany with my parents which I will definitely be writing about in the coming days (the short of it being I am in love with Italy).

How are things with you?



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