The Italy Diaries: Pietrasanta

Pietrasanta is a place where ‘la passeggiata’ comes into it’s own. This is an Italian tradition where couples, families and individuals just make their way through their town’s streets in the early evening. In Pietrasanta people really embrace this, decking themselves out in their finery for a walk before dinner or drinks. After dressing ourselves up, me wearing my new Sephora purchase (which survived all night much to my delight) we parked ourselves at one of the buzzy bars on the main square for a bit of people watching.

After a few glasses of prosecco, a mojito (amazing) and seeing a fair few dresses that I wished I could buy we headed off to find somewhere to eat. We ended up in Ristorante Quarantuno, where we first shared some antipasti and a baked cheese with asparagus and I then had seabass with an aubergine crush. It was probably my favourite individual course of my holiday.

Following dinner, we tracked down some gelato and went for a wander around the piazza to have a look at the latest sculpture installations. The piazza was dominated by giant statutes of angels with parts missing, say legs or heads. Also wondering past the church there was a small collection of sirens which were really beautiful.


That’s it for my Italy posts. I really loved my stay, and I desperately want to go again. And to Milan, and Rome, and Bologna….

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