The Moving Diaries: The One After The One


In my last post about my move things were not going so well. Unsurprisingly the landlord, who was one of those people who had never actually visited the property, was not interested in double-glazing the property so I let it go. After suffering through a freezing bedroom and downstairs bathroom at university, I’ve always promised myself that at the very least I just want to be warm in my future home.
So I got back on the Rightmove/Zoopla train and after a few fails and cancelled viewings I found myself at this flat. Well, I actually found myself on the wrong side of the development because Google Maps led me astray so I had to be walked across by the concierge and probably looked like a proper idiot. However, after a quick look round (it takes all of 15 minutes to view a one-bed flat, even with questions), it seemed as though this one was the most promising I’d seen in ages.
It’s in a modern building meaning that the EPC is an amazing B (no clingfilm on windows!), and light really pours through the living area and bedroom. Flashforward a month and a depressing amount of money and on Monday I finally got my hands on the keys.
Having trooped out to the letting agents office, I had a quick scout around the flat, mostly focusing on teaching myself how to turn the hot water on. I then headed to Argos to buy a duvet and pillows which were surprisingly reasonable but also very awkward to have to carry through a busy city, especially when it’s raining. After fighting with my bedding and losing a nail in the process, I acquired some dinner and settled in for the night in my flat with just a duvet and a kettle for company. I’ll admit it did feel a little bit weird, but that might have had more to do with the fact that I had almost nothing in the flat-so it felt like a weird hotel room-than any last minute ‘what have I done’ feelings.
Whilst I do pine slightly for the spacious layout of the previous flat, the previous tenant had lived in this property for 5 years-proof that I probably don’t need as much space as I think I do. Plus it’ll be a good reason for me to finally reduce my hoarding habit. Really, it’s a huge relief to have this sorted and I can redirect my nerves towards my new job (arghh) and the fact that internet providers don’t believe in evening or weekend installations.
P.S. This post is going live on move-in day so hopefully me and parents have survived Ikea, if posts get a little sporadic blame it on the wifi (or lack of it)

One thought on “The Moving Diaries: The One After The One”

  1. How exciting! Hope thing have gone well in Ikea! Filling up a flat with furniture and kitchen bits and inexplicable items thrown into the trolley really helps one to feel settled. Equally I hope you haven't spent too much money – that cavernous hall you have to walk through to get to the tills is full of magical money wasting items that seem essential at the time! So hard to resist..


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