Clicklist #6

Hello from a surprisingly sunny Birmingham. I’ve managed to survive my first week in my new job and living alone; although I will admit that my brain is a little fried. I’m also still technically wifi-less, but am very grateful to BT for transforming their phone boxes into wifi hotspots (seriously!). I have a bumper selection of things that I’ve liked on the internet as I’ve made my way through my Bloglovin feed; and then some more interesting posts will be forthcoming!
Olivia’s recipe for Spaghetti Puttanesca might just be what I’m planning on having for dinner tomorrow (and lunch for probably the next four days)
-I normally side-eye blogger collaboration posts if I’m 100% honest, but I really liked Audery’s approach which was almost like a photo diary (also she is probably the blogger I’ve followed for the longest)
-I’ve spoken before about how much I love the This American Life podcast, but their 4th July episode following one man’s migration to the US is amazing
-When I was in Italy I totally fell in love with courgettes (or zucchini) and this Nigella Lawson pasta dish will probably me making it’s way into my kitchen

-I really enjoyed Jon Ronson’s Them, and his interview with human dustbin Katie Hopkins is pretty great. She’s still kind of awful though.

-I really liked what Gizzi Erskine has to say about the ‘trend’ of clean-eating, she is obviously promoting her book, but at least it appears to have recipes involving actual carbs in it

Rachel’s review of Jackson & Rye has made it shoot up my ‘list of places to visit if I find myself in London’

-I hate networking with the passion of a million firey suns. However, it is kind of important especially now that the job market is more competitive than ever. The Financial Diet has some interesting tips.

-Sometimes you read a blogpost that just really speaks to a feeling that you have definitely experienced, and this is one

-I’ve definitely seen Sketch on Instagram, and I really liked Rose’s post about her visit. Although at £30 for afternoon tea it is definitely a little beyond my budget; super pretty though

Geraldine’s post about poking everyone she’s friends with on Facebook is initially super funny, and then makes a really lovely point about the internet’s ability to connect us

Refinery 29 published an interesting piece about the changing face of blogging and Hannah also wrote a post on the same subject. This is interesting, but I will admit the more business-based blogs become, the less interested I am in reading them

-Rosie got married (and her wedding look stunning) but her honeymoon to Thailand looks like actual paradise

That’s all for now, I’m going to make a cup of tea (my Saturday’s are wild)

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