The Moving Diaries: One Month On

So, guess who is still alive?!
Last time I updated you on the moving front, the post went up the day I moved in. My parents and I did survive moving day, it was probably the least stressful move that I have had. Ever. We headed off to Ikea because whilst my flat came furnished, when I finished uni I made the very smart decision to throw away all of my house-y things (although they were all three years old, so it was probably a smart choice really). Despite Ikea’s infamy as a place where relationships are broken (much to the surprise of my 500 Days of Summer loving heart), we survived and I could have bought frankly everything. Following a dinner at Handmade Burger Company (which beats out GBK and Five Guys in my humble opinion on burger chains) my parents headed home and I settled in.
(My living area on move in day, more photos to come)
Whilst I did manage to put together a clicklist, my personal laptop basically rejected the BT Openzone and then on my actual install date the Sky man never showed up. This was followed by an email informing me that Sky had accepted my cancellation of my account. After some feelings and a restorative cup of tea I spent nearly an hour on the phone sorting out a new install date. Which was last week. Which should in part explain the lack of posts. The other is the fact that strangely adjusting to a Monday-Friday job took me longer than I expected. Whilst I’m working similar hours to the ones I worked at M&S, those hours tended to be long days rather than continual and after a week I definitely found myself being pretty tired. I also took full advantage of having weekends free for the first time in a long time. I headed down to Bristol to meet up with some of my uni friends and last week went to Liverpool to see some school friends. Both were a lot of fun, and it was so nice to feel like a normal human who could socialise at the weekend.


(A couple of mirror selfies [remember when you could use these on blogs?!] of what I’ve worn to work…definitely more to come)


The only downside to this is the fact that getting about five hours sleep at the weekend and then heading off to work is that you get (even more) tired. This all came a little bit to a head on this week where the arrival of my council tax bill which was a fair bit more expensive than I’d expected and my contract which claims I’ve got a month less at work sent me into a little bit of a stress cry. If I’m completely honest, moving by yourself is kind of hard mostly because you don’t have anyone to share the stressy (read: financial) bits with. You also don’t have anyone to rant at if you have a bad day, hence the stress crying. So I’m taking this Bank Holiday as a little bit of a break from everything and just having a chill. So far, I’ve done a food shop and some pilates and made a serious dent in the ridiculousness that is my YouTube subscriptions. And it’s been lovely.
I’m also actually writing some more posts so I won’t be so silent for quite as long this time!

4 thoughts on “The Moving Diaries: One Month On”

  1. Hooray! So glad to read your update. Adjusting to work is hard. So hard! I have such reasonable work hours yet it took me a good few weeks to get used to waking up early everyday, and then another few weeks (months, really!) to get used to being tired all the time. It gets better! Or at least, dealing with being tired all the time gets easier!


  2. Ahh I'm glad to hear that! I tend to only work 9 til 5ish and it's totally knocking me out for some reason, looking forward to getting a little more used to it πŸ™‚


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