Current Favourites

Favourite posts tend to be a monthly thing within the beauty community both in the blogosphere and on YouTube. I don’t really try enough new things each month to do these monthly (stick with what you know, right); but this is a sneak peak of the things I’m liking right now.
(Apologies for how grim the Ren bottle looks-at least you know I use it!?)
This is basically a bit of an insight into my skincare routine for the past few months. I picked up the Ren ClearCalm Clarifying Clay Cleanser after reading many good things about the brand and spotting it stocked on the M&S website (that link here) which meant a discount. I use this in the morning which always feels a tiny bit luxurious. A long time favourite is the Soap & Glory Peaches & Clean Deep Cleansing Milk, which is so good at removing make-up and lasts forever. Whilst I wouldn’t say they totally cure my skin issues, but any break-outs do get dealt with quite quickly. I’ve also been loving the much-loved Soap & Glory Hand Food, I’ve previously been really lazy with hand cream but living somewhere where I have to wash-up means that I’ve been reaching for this loads to stop my hands feeling all weird and prawny.


If I do get a monster zit that all the positive thinking in the world won’t diminish, the Soap & Glory Dr Spot Super Strength Breakout Clearing Gel is amazing at reducing a spot pretty much overnight. Though it can really sting if you apply it to a particularly sensitive spot, as a word of warning. In terms of make-up I’ve been enjoying anything that helps me look more awake. The Revlon Powder Blush in Haute Pink is bright without being scary, but definitely makes you look more alert. Rimmel’s Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Liner in Nude is a) a complete bargain and b) amazing in the waterline to make you look like you have actually slept.
Moving on to another one of my loves, food. As a former M&S employee it pains me to admit that a competitors Meal Deal could be as good as our Dine In, but Tesco runs their £10 meal for two all the time and I indulged as a pay day treat. These are great if you have someone to share with, but if you’re a single pringle you can also use them to take care of at least two meals. Plus, they have these truly amazing chocolate & salted caramel pots. So naughty, but so good. In slightly healthier food recommendations, the Pret a Manger Teriyaki Salmon Salad is to die for. It’s about £5 but far better than cheaper supermarket versions, and I could quite happily eat just wakame seaweed. It’s a definite treat for me, but really worth trying if you haven’t yet.


Finally, something a little bit different. You’ve probably heard of the website Snapfish, which I hit up when I realised all my physical photos date from my first year at university. Downloading the app meant that I got 50 free prints, and it’s in some way easier to use than the website. You can view photos from your phone, Facebook, Instagram and existing albums online, and can pay through the app as you would normally. I just like well-made apps. So yes.
What have you been enjoying lately?

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