Blogging Fail & Clicklist #7

I had many a good intention regarding writing posts. Firstly I planned to do a week in outfit posts, which was undone by the fact that book tripods aren’t the best at being able to include a whole outfit. Then I thought I’d do a post about a couple of restaurants I visited and then promptly forgot to take any photos (though The Picture Cafe and The Winterbourne Arms are both recommended).

So I figured I’d put together a list of people whose blog/general internet game is far better than mine.

Rosie’s wedding just looks beautiful

I love this post by Amber in defence of make-up, even if I do find it a little depressing that there is a culture that women have to defend the fact they enjoy wearing make-up

-I’m still suffering from missing Italy. A lot. Gala went to Florence and uploaded a ton of photos of a city that is becoming one of my favourites.

These no-bake peanut butter bars look to die for. Chocolate + Peanut Butter = Love

These pancakes look so bad, but also so good

-24 Reasons to be Pretty Damn Excited About Autumn

Rose went to Saint Lucia, and I would now like to go to Saint Lucia

Emma’s article about being courted through MySpace was a nostalgia fest

The Importance of Surrounding Yourself with Strong Women

21 Things I’ve Learned About Success from Failing Many Times

-23 Life Lessons We Learn as Teenagers

I really liked Charlotte’s post about the things she feels down about and the reasons why she shouldn’t feel bad. I’m super guilty of comparing myself to others constantly and this is a good reminder that that is not a good thing to do.

-I’m certainly guilty of using my weekends to get everything done and feeling like I need another weekend by the end of it. Selina’s post about a spa in Birmingham (which I’d never heard of) sounds lovely. Also if you know of any other Brum-based bloggers, let me know!

Emma’s guide to surviving London Fashion Week made me literally lol in the office.

Meg on the fringe benefits of confidence.

If You Don’t Have Savings in Your 20s You’re a Fucking Idiot. Obviously a click-baity title that doesn’t take into account a lot of the nuance around the issues around having savings; however, sometimes I feel like the internet is a bit too ~treat yourself, travel everywhere, no regrets~ to be actually practical.

-I’ve been loving Lily’s moving vlogs, they’re very ‘real’ if that makes any sense and it’s so nice to see someone else doing this ~living alone~ thing. The first one is below.

-Another vlog series that I’ve been liking has been the behind the scenes look at the new production of Spring Awakening on Broadway. It’s a production that uses both deaf and hearing actors, and seeing the behind the scenes interactions is fascinating.

Right, I’m off to schedule some proper posts!

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