Clicklist #8

October is zipping along and it feels like the internet is just spilling over with good stuff. Here are some of my favourites.
Amber did a great post on places to find free, copyright issue-free images that you can use online; super handy for those of us lacking the light/camera/time/Pinterest worthy backgrounds that are so popular online
-If you’ve read enough of these posts, you’ll probably know that Kate’s travel posts are some of my favourites. Her trip to Denmark and Sweden looks just wonderful. Start here.
-I’m always on a bit of a mission to find places within the UK to visit whilst I’m a little too poor to afford plane tickets, and Cat’s post on Rochester (a place I’d never heard of) has added it my list of places I’d like to visit
I loved Meg’s post on turning thirty, a nice piece of perspective for when I panic about my nth quarter-life crisis
The Cabinet Member for Children’s Services at work has started writing a blog about what she does, and it’s a really great insight into local government & public sector working (and yes, she really is called Brigid Jones)
-Bath is definitely a city I want to visit, and where one my friends from school lives, but is just so hard to get to. Jen’s post (and that hotel room) really makes me want to stop making excuses about this.
-A trifecta of recipes; vegan caramel biscuits, amaretto tiramasu and butternut squash mac & cheese. I want to eat all of these.
-I definitely want to start talking a little more about the places in Birmingham that I love, but Megs’ post on her time in the city sponsored by Premier Inn, is worth a read if you have no idea where to start
Another one of my colleagues at work, Rachel, has also got a pretty great blog; writing about Birmingham and musings on her life exploring the world of work in general
-This article (found via Nicola) by Ann Friedman (of Call Your Girlfriend podcast fame) about establishing a personal brand is ace.
-I was fairly sceptical about whether I’d enjoy Lenny Letter, due to my kind of complex relationship with Lena Dunham, but it’s really worth checking out
-If you’re not subscribed to Natalie, aka communitychannel, you really should be. Her videos make me literally lol.
-Finally, everyone appears to be doing Vlogtober this year which I’m loving, but I think my favourite has to be Jess, aka sunbeamsjess, whose videos are making me miss university a lot.

What are your top internet picks so far this month? I’m always on the look out for more stuff to procrastinate with.

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