I Actually Left the House: A Night in Birmingham

The title is true. Last week one of my colleagues had her leaving party, which is always the worst reason to go out, but it did mean that I finally did something with my Friday night outside of cleaning my floors (advanced apologies for poor photos). We began having a bit of a casual drink at Gosta Green, which is basically Aston University’s student bar and was a pretty good place to start the night-with obviously reasonable drink prices-but probably not somewhere you should hunt out if you’re not a student.

Somewhere that is definitely worth heading to is Bodega. This is a South American restaurant in the city centre specialising in street foods such as tacos and quesdillas and favourites like massive piles of nachos. All of these are complimented by some really delicious or just plain interesting cocktails. I had fish tacos, which were so fresh and delicious and grilled halloumi because halloumi. Whilst I didn’t try any puddings (although I can’t imagine churros ever being a bad idea), I did have a white chocolate and passionfruit mojito which was more than sweet enough. My only advice would be to either order several little plates or go with a big plate (the halloumi burger sounded lovely, and another table’s nachos looked great) if you’re really hungry.

The Lost & Found
The Lost & Found is one of my favourite places in Birmingham. My parents introduced me to it a few years ago; I spent my 21st birthday there and went a lot with my housemates; and I had my pre-graduation meal there. So I basically just have a lot of love for it. A really gorgeous building decorated with birdcages and faux plants, and a hidden function room behind a bookcase (!) it’s a great place for a meal or just drinks. Despite being slightly disappointed that they’ve changed the cocktail menu, there were still plenty of delicious options including something called a Moscow Mule (vodka & ginger beer) which is definitely going to be my go to drink for future trips.

Gas Street Social
Finally, we headed to Gas Street Social, a place whose name I’ve heard a lot but I’ve never visited. Located just outside the newly refurbished Mailbox shopping centre (home of Harvey Nichols). It’s got a really cool vibe, and does a pretty amazing espresso martini which is one of my favourite cocktails.

I had a really good night, and it was one of those times that you don’t really feel the need to take copious photos because you’re just enjoying yourself too much. Brum seems to be having something of a renaissance amongst the blogosphere so if you have any recommendations for Brum I’d love to hear them!


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