Clicklist #9

So I wasn’t expecting to do another one of these quite so soon, but I’ve gotten quite into signing up to newsletters and therefore getting an inbox full of really interesting things to read. This round-up isn’t quite as blog-focussed as normal, but we’re all well-rounded people here.

Mallory Ortberg re-imagines literary classics via the medium of text message. They’re hilarious, especially if you’re a Bronte lover. My friends once bought me a book which did a similar thing but via Twitter, and I am *for sure* picking up her whole book.

Emma has launched a newsletter, and one of her picks was this great podcast which is an interveiw between the authors Zadie Smith and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. It’s really worth a listen.

Rookie continues to be the site that I wish had existed when I was growing up. This illustrated article on how to be in a relationship should be recommended reading for young adults, and serves as a good reminder for us adults too.

Hannah went to Switzerland, and now…I want to go to Switzerland.

This clicklist’s recipe corner: Joy’s French Toast, Olivia’s ideas for making porridge more interesting, and Hannah’s breakfast ideas (carrot cake for breakfast guys).

Cllr Jones wrote this fabulous post about being a woman in science, politics & society. It’s amazing and she’s lovely.

Emma’s post on why being nice isn’t the drippy thing people make it out to be is great.

Rose’s trip to the South Downs just looks beyond idyllic, as someone who grew up in the country, rural settings always just remind me a bit of home (even if home is no where near as pretty as this).

Jon Ronson is an endlessly compelling writer, and his coverage of a man who has created a model WW2-ravaged town in his garden is really interesting.

Great article to use against that guy on your Facebook feed who claims that women aren’t included in panels or on boards because ~meritocracy~

Fast fashion tends to be a term that is reserved for the high street, but what happens when it begins to seep into ‘high end’ fashion too?

Vice recently launched Broadly, a section of their website dedicated to stories with women at the centre. This article on dealing with the aftermath of the Colombian civil war, in particular for the women who have faced sexual violence throughout the conflict, is really interesting.

Amazon have opened a real life bookstore (called Amazon Books). This is a really cool look inside it (and I’m fascinated by the amount of corrections at the end of the article-no one protects their brand like Amazon).

One of my internet crushes Ann Friedman was interviewed on the Am I Allowed to Like Anything podcast. Even though I’m not that interested in a career in the media, I found this interview really interesting.

Also, in other podcast news, I’m super late to the party but the Longform Podcast is pretty ace too.

Finally, this piece by Lindsay Kelk about being told you don’t need make-up.

And if you need cheering up about some of the heavier pieces here….



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