Life Lately #2

I realised I haven’t really done any proper ‘life’ posts recently,so I figured I’d do a bit of a catch-up post to prove I occasionally do things other than read books.

Sporting one of my favourite work outfits and jewellery pieces from Zara. One of my better days when taking part in the 10,000 step challenge with work. Going to see Suffragette as a Halloween treat (review here). Another selfie wearing a favourite shirt from Primark (it was £10!!) which is a very late discovery for me.

Taking a break from the sea of red cups to enjoy the Caffe Nero festive cups. Having a proud parent moment when the team that I’m a mentor for through Envision were granted their £100 to help launch their social action project. Wild night in with the best type of Roses. Bringing a bit of Christmas cheer to my flat (& yes I really need pictures for my frame).

I went to see Mumford & Sons and wrote an entire post about it. They were amazing. I think I’ll always be a little bit in love with Marcus Mumford; and I’m seriously considering buying tickets to see them at Hyde Park.

Probably the most fun I had over the past few weeks was last weekend when I decamped to Bath to meet up with my friends from school; finally visiting one of my friends who has been studying there for the past four years. It’s so beautiful and whilst completely heaving thanks to a combo of Christmas market and rugby, we had a really great time (and we found the Les Mis bridge). Followed the next day by me and my friend getting slightly lost in Bristol but managing to track down some very nice mulled wine (with bonus Amaretto because it is Christmas after all).

Then most recently was my work Christmas party, which is the first time I’ve had a Christmas party at actual Christmas time…possibly ever. I loved my jumpsuit which I bought on ASOS and felt really great in.The actual party was at the Old Crown in Digbeth and whilst I’m generally confused by the idea of having a party in a marquee in December, but the food was amazing (and there was loads).

Finally this past weekend was just a bit of a chilled one. I popped into town to do some Christmas shopping (pretty much finished now, yay) and spied this t-shirt in Zara which I very nearly picked up but wasn’t sure if I was ready to indulge my basic side. I did however pick up this teeny tiny Christmas tree to add a bit of greenery to my flat after getting jealous of everyone’s lovely trees all over social media.
So, now we’re finally all caught up!

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