Clicklist #11: The Vaguely Festive Edition

I don’t normally like to do these posts in such quick succession, but I also know that the Christmas season is upon us (when you’re reading this I’ll finally be heading home for Crimbo) and whilst it can be the most wonderful time of the year, it can also be a bit of a stressful one. So I thought I’d put together some links for when you need a break from all the Christmas action.

21 Ways to Instantly Feel More Festive

The Best Books You Didn’t Read in 2015

Lauren Cuthbertson prepares for her performances in The Nutcracker 

Sometimes I Feel Guilty for Writing About Clothes, Pandora Sykes (aka Style’s Wardrobe Mistress) writing about the guilt that (mostly women) can feel for showing an interest in anything deemed ‘shallow’.

Also whilst perusing Pandora’s blog, I found this post about the sheer weirdness of women’s clothing sizes. As someone like the colleague in the post with size 4 & 5 feet, who literally feels like the happiest person alive when I find shoes that actually fit properly I would love standardisation.

I love it when karma happens.

19 Things Everyone Who is Obsessed with Paperchase Understands

There is nothing funny about a Donald Trump rally; Donald Trump feels like a caricature, but the level of support he has managed to acquire is mad.

Signs That You are Writing the Next Bestselling Thriller Aimed at Women

Sierra Boggess is one of my favourite Broadway performers, and I love this interview with her.

The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Girl Who is Really Good at Instagram (tbh I’d take most of this list)

A Year of Living Comfortably, or how to claim your physical space in the world as a woman (and manspreader is my new favourite term)

Carrie went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and I am super jealous.

A double dose of Emma Gannon; 30 Things I Realised in 2015 and Why Your Perfect Online Image Isn’t Inspiring

22 Winter Dinner Ideas

Gingerbread. Martinis. This sounds like alcohol heaven.

Tiramisu Swiss Roll. Again, this sounds like cake heaven.

As this has a slightly Christmassy vibe, I thought I would give a brief shout-out to some of my favourite Vlogmas videos from YouTube.

Fleur DeForce: Fleur was the first beauty YouTuber that I got into back in about 2009 and she has kept me onboard as she has become pretty well-established with her own make-up line and everything. I am basically pretty jealous of her gorgeous house, husband and menagerie of animals.

Rosianna Halse Rojas: Rosi is probably the very first YouTuber I ever watched and she introduced me to so many other excellent vloggers. Her Vlogmas is full of really intelligent discussions and crafty videos and I’m going to miss seeing her everyday (in a non-creepy way)

Sunbeamsjess: I’ve definitely spoken about Jess and her wonderful vlogs before, and her Vlogmas is so well-edited. She’s pretty down-to-earth and I love the little glimpses she gives us of her time studying English.


Kate La Vie: Kate is best known for her great beauty blog and so her Vlogmas has been a really nice to learn a bit more about her and her seriously adorable cat.

Jen Campbell: Jen is an ace booktuber and her recommendations are the best, and so her releasing many videos makes me happy.

Merry Christmas!

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