Clicklist #12

Eek, so somehow getting back into the groove at work has really sucked my time away. I will say that I have had a really good start to the new year and have some new projects to work on and a exciting/scary training course coming up which has made me feel really positive about where I’m going over the next few months.

As I’m writing this, winter has finally arrived and I’m having a weather mandated duvet Sunday (which I never do) and will probably be watching the final few episodes of Making a Murderer. If you too are trying to keep warm this January, here are some things that you could read/watch from the comfort of your duvet. Especially if you need cheering up after a week of pretty unremitting bad news.

As I’ve mentioned before, I love Hamilton and so I really liked this interview with Leslie Odom Jr who plays Aaron Burr who is something of the ‘villain’ of the piece

22 Things Every Woman Should Know How to do for Herself 

After my New Year’s Eve experience, I’m still in the ‘I’d rather not’ camp when it comes to alcohol, but these Salted Caramel White Russians look delicious (make one and let me know)

And then, when you’ve drunk too many White Russians, you can make these delicious looking Gingerbread Pancakes

In defence of having a messy Instagram feed

I really liked both Michelle and Sarah’s reflective posts on what they learned in 2015.

Winnie’s recipe for festive pastries are technically for Christmas leftovers, but I’m sure you can make them any time really (and then you could follow them up with these fudgy bourbon balls or these peanut butter brownies).

I love this collection of gorgeous views from across the world.

31 Outfits to Inspire You in January 2016 

It’s not secret around these parts that I’m a big fan of ballet, so I really liked this insight into Marianela Nunez, a dancer with the Royal Ballet’s, life.

Michelle’s post on Brighton has made me ever more keen to visit the internet’s favourite place.

Star Wars Women: Kicking Ass Since 1977 [spoilers for The Force Awakens which I loved]

One of my favourite things about the internet is when you rediscover someone’s blog that you loved and then mysteriously dropped out of your bookmarks bar; Chels & A Book is so worth checking out, here’s her December review

I know that a lot of people are trying out Veganuary, or just want to reduce their intake of meat in general so these two recipes might be handy; Thai Noodle Lettuce Wraps and Secretly Vegan Salted Caramel Cookies (with a nod to Rosie for the link)

101 Lies to Tell So You Can Stay Home & Read

Emma Pickles is a make-up magician, and I love this fairytale-esque look.
Leena’s YouTube channel has been one of my favourites for years, and she’s currently on a complete roll with her videos on all sorts of things. I especially liked this chat about three very popular books.


I don’t think I’ve made it a secret that I am not happy with this government, and I’m distraught about how easy it should be whack them and how Labour (the current opposition) are more occupied with infighting rather than tackling the Conservatives. Owen Jones’ video is an excellent six-point policy plan.
Finally, The Michalaks should win an award not just for having gorgeous, film-style vlogs, but also for making me melt whenever Grayson comes on screen.

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