Clicklist #13

It’s yet another evening when I can hear the wind whistling around outside, and my umbrella nearly fell victim to the storms yesterday. So here’s a collection of things to read whilst we’re sheltering from the elements.

I’ve been generally pretty good about avoiding buying lunch when I’m at work (apart from those days where I manage to leave my pre-prepped lunch in the fridge), but sometimes sad salads just get a bit dull. These 15 Easy & Portable Office Lunches all sound really different/delicious, as does Izzy’s Curried Carrot & Courgetti Soup in a Jar.

See also, Hannah’s three favourite salads (especially that chicken satay one)

A bit of interior design inspiration courtesy of Olivia’s bedroom, Audery’s flat and Kate’s shelfie

Vix’s fab post on Things That Don’t Make You a Slut

Al Silber (currently starring in the Broadway revival of Fiddler on the Roof) favourite acting performances

I know I’ve said before in these posts how much I love Amber’s style of writing, but I really do. Here’s her Day in the Life of a Full-Time Blogger

14 Things You Only Own When You’ve Hit Peak Adulthood

I will probably always link to posts about Florence, because it is the most beautiful place I’ve been and everyone should go. Carrie’s post has some gorgeous photos (that one of Ponte Vecchi makes me !! inside)

Charly’s incredibly honest post about realising she had a problem with alcohol

Katy on The Truth About Living Alone (I feel all of these things)

Olivia’s Simple Cinnamon Buns, because you need something to balance out the salads. Also I’m am definitely making these sooner rather than later because they do look truly simple.

10 Things You Should Never Say to a Person Who is Job Searching (& What to Say Instead)

Gemma’s really informative and interesting post on her stance on cruelty-free products; this is packed with information and a move towards being CF with my beauty & skincare products is definitely something I’m thinking about.

The DIY Scientist, The Olympian & The Mutated Gene. This was a story on the This American Life podcast, and is completely fascinating.

Charlotte of Charlotte’s Web/Smudgeness fame is back with a new blog: Fox Socks, which makes me very happy.




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