Clicklist #14

As if it’s the last weekend of February already! 2016 seems to hurtling ahead, so here’s a list of some things that I’ve enjoyed on the internet this month.

So February is known as the month of love, and this is the 14th clicklist, so to start some rather cute posts that people wrote about their significant others because secretly I’m a complete piece of mush. Megs on Jamie, Audery on 42 days to fall in love, and my favourite Charlotte’s My boyfriend is a pasta dish.

I loved this by Jen on why she doesn’t live in London.

I really love Jane’s blog for her amazing photographs of the places she visits, lately I’ve liked this post of London and this of Bath.

Hannah’s trip to Scotland looks so pretty.

Meg talking about the process of recovery.

I always love to here about what other young people have discovered by living alone; this is what Sophie has to say

How to use Sunday to set yourself up for a successful week. 

This peanut butter granola sounds like such a great breakfast

If you’re a really creative baker, these hazelnut, pecan & chocolate babka rolls sound amazing. If, on the other hand, like me sometimes you just want a quick cakey fix; chocolate cake in a mug.

White Russians. Or how to combine vodka & coffee in the best way.

As a Tumblr user, this longform piece on the young people who are making a *ton* of money from the site was so compelling. Even if it did make me feel very grateful to only really had MySpace when I was growing up.

Rosie’s Goats Cheese & Capers scrambled egg sounds amazing. I’ve become rather addicted to a tomato scrambled egg recipie from Nigella’s latest book, so this would be a good addition to my repertoire.

How Extroverted Introverts interact with the world or INFJ problems.

This Guardian story, tracking the heart rates of people with stressful jobs was really interesting.

This interview with Dr Mona Hanna-Attisha, the woman who exposed the insane water crisis in Flint, Michigan in the US, is really interesting & inspiring too.


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