In Review: March

If February was a month full of stuff happening outside of work, March was definitely a month that was pretty heavy in terms of work things, so I will admit to be fairly happy that this March is almost over; basically because (at least for now) April looks a tad bit lighter.

(Nepalese dumplings at Gurkha Square; Bread & Butter pudding at The Olive Branch)

However, March wasn’t all work and no play. At the beginning of the month, on Mother’s Day to be precise, I turned 23 (eek). I headed home for the weekend and it was super relaxing. I got to have baths (seriously, I never released how much I missed baths until I lived somewhere without one) and we went to basically my favourite restaurant back home: The Olive Branch. It’s fairly fancy; but the cocktails are delicious and so is the food. We were also literally there for about three hours, if not longer, at at no point did the staff try and throw us out, so that was lovely.

As for the rest of the month; I did a training course that literally required me to do homework and exams again which felt completely weird (and I’m experiencing the nerves of waiting for results again which is not fun), and also enjoying the first signs of Spring. Getting to break out my trenchcoat and summery handbag felt great too. I also spent Easter solo, it kind of crept up on me as I was so busy at work but I did appreciate some lovely little gifts from my family-including that Easter Egg from Hotel Chocolat which was filled with more of their chocolates-amazing.

I’ll admit that I have been a tad mopey this month for some reason; I think we can all just get a bit down when the weather has been unremittingly grim for months and we still have the central heating on in March. However, I think the events in Belgium, Turkey, Iraq and I’m sure many other places this month have really put things into perspective.

(Birmingham Peace Gardens)

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