Top 5: More Podcasts To Listen To

I’ve done a podcast recommendation post before,
but I listen to so many, and their popularity just seems to keep increasing; so I figured it was a good time to chat about some more of my favourites.

If you’re female and on the internet you’ve probably already heard of CYG; but if you haven’t its essentially a chat between best friends Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow. They chat about everything from the Kardashians and US politics to periods; and are pretty amazing career ladies in their own right (Ann’s newsletter is really worth subscribing too here). They also interview awesome ladies like Tavi Gevinson, Melinda Gates and Hillary Clinton’s campaign head Huma Abedin.

The New Statesman Podcast
The New Statesman is one of my favourite places for political journalism; it tends to be left-leaning but covers both national and international issues with opinion pieces across the political spectrum. The podcast is led by Helen Lewis, Stephen Bush and George Eaton, and they discuss current goings-on in UK politics and beyond. It’s a really great way of staying updated with current affairs and getting a bit of interesting analysis on them too.#

Also produced by The New Statesman, this is a show fronted by Caroline Crampton and Anna Leszkiewicz that focuses on all things pop culture. From television shows to music and books, Caroline and Anna just discuss current popular items and the things that they enjoy without any kind of guilt. 

Another Round is a Buzzfeed-produced podcast presented by Tracy Clayton and Heben Nigatu. They discuss a range of issues around race (which is really insightful for someone who has not experienced any kind of race stereotypes), and also interview a range of really interesting people including Hamilton composer, star & the internet’s current crush Lin-Manuel Miranda, the Bahraini human rights campaigner Maryam Al-Khawaja and current Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. Despite the depth of the issues covered, this is also laugh out loud funny.

The West Wing Weekly
This is a new podcast, but I’m including it because it just makes me so happy. I love The West Wing for all its flaws; it’s such an engaging and smart show and I wish that politics was half as optimistic as the way its portrayed by Sorkin. This new podcast is basically a commentary on each episode of the show and is presented by journalist/megafan Hrishikesh Hirway and Joshua Malina, who starred on the show. I just love an excuse to revisit my love for this show; and I’m just hoping that UK Netflix will start streaming it again soon.


2 thoughts on “Top 5: More Podcasts To Listen To”

  1. Great post! After having listened to Kermode & Mayo for yeeears at home on the weekend, I've actually only recently started listening to other podcasts. Do you listen to The Guilty Feminist? Started from the beginning a few days ago and it makes me laugh out loud on the Tube to work. Totally worth it!

    Starting to seek out more and more 'female' orientated media lately, finding it very interesting to hear other people's experiences and opinions surrounding feminism (actually typed women's experiences, but changed it. Still learning!) Actively disliked the term when I was a naive teenager – now trying to make up for lost time! Will give Call Your Girlfriend a go when I have space on my phone. So many podcasts, so little space!


  2. Oo I'll have to give The Guilty Feminist a listen, I hadn't heard of it 🙂
    Kermode & Mayo remain like my ultimate fave podcast, I love the not-anything-to-do-with-the-BBC Wittr app for pure nosiness too!
    Call Your Girlfriend is probably my fave on this list-worth a listen 🙂 But yes, I have to be really militant about deleting podcasts the minute I listen to them otherwise my phone would probably explode.


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