Clicklist #16

Some more things that I’ve read recently that I enjoy. Perhaps save these until the weekend if, like me, you’re looking at a forecast of SNOW on Saturday.

From the Blogosphere
Rose’s Nutella Martinis. Nutella. Martinis.
Amy’s style is constantly en pointe, here’s her week in outfits from her holiday in the Maldives which is definitely on my list of places to visit. Also I’d like summer to hurry up and get here.
How to start your post-grad life when you already feel behind. This is the article I wish I’d had when I first graduated.
Smitten Kitchen’s Eggs in Purgatory.
Around the Internet

“To engender empathy and create a world using only words is the closet thing we have to magic”
Lin-Manuel Miranda’s By the Book profile is wonderful. My version is a lot less eloquent.

The Panama Papers is one of the biggest international news stories of the week and is totally fascinating. The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists coverage is really interactive and a very interesting insight into the lives of the crazy rich and powerful.

Women Slipping Out of Embraces in Western Art History

I found this response to Amy Schumer calling out Glamour magazine for calling her plus-sized an interesting perspective.

An eating disorder recovery cookbook 

This really cool long-read on Uggs, and how they refuse to die (My Ugg slippers are the best things I’ve ever owned. They’re hot water bottles for your feet <3)

Tavi Gevinson and my boyf Ben Whishaw are co-starring in the Broadway production of The Crucible, and you can hear Tavi interview Ben here.


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