Thoughts On: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, New Alexandra Theatre

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is one of my all-time favourite films. It’s just one of those films that is just such a relaxing, easy, aesthetically-pleasing watch and obviously iconically stars Audery Hepburn; who is one of my absolute favourites. So getting tickets to see the play adaptation starring Pixie Lott for Christmas had me fairly excited.

Richard Greenberg’s adaptation follows more from the Truman Capote novella rather than the film, meaning that the ending and certain other plot points vary quite dramatically from the much-loved film. For those who have no idea what the story is, the play follows Fred (Matt Barber), an aspiring writer who moves to New York and ends up residing in the same apartment block as the mysterious and charming Holly Golightly (Pixie Lott) and becomes entirely enraptured with her life.

Holly is at once charming and manipulative, funny and cruel and Lott handles all aspects of her character wonderfully; especially considering this is her stage acting debut. You also get to hear snippets of her lovely singing voice, although the songs included in the play are kept pretty short.

I didn’t love how heavily Greenberg learned on narration as a device (it really slowed the pace down) but Barber’s ability to monologue was pretty amazing. There were also scene stealing appearances from Naomi Cranston as Holly’s frenemy Mag and Bob the Cat (seriously adorable). Nikolai Foster’s direction also requires a lot of doubling by the ensemble, and there was a particularly impressive turn by Tim Frances as Holly’s rich intended Rusty Trawler and an Editor that Fred desperately wants to impress.

It’s a really just nice, light night out at the theatre and Matthew Wright’s costume designs are lovely too. Just, like the film, it’s nothing especially ground-breaking.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is on tour across the country starring Pixie Lott, Emily Atack or Georgia May Foote until November; and on in London starring Lott from June. Details here.


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