In Review: July

July. July was a month that should have been one thing and then rapidly became another. It was the month that I finished my job in Birmingham and found somewhere to live in London. It was supposed to include a relaxing couple of weeks at home before starting my new job.

However, it was also the month that I lost my Gran. She had been ill for a long time, so it was not unexpected but was surprising enough in the sense that I had visited her and my Grandad the weekend before and she seemed pretty okay. She was also the purveyor of many knitted items when I was growing up, including trying to teach me to knit for my Barbie dolls (though I never quite had the patience); and many delicious baked goods, especially her rather infamous flapjacks.

I think death and grief and everything that comes with it is pretty hard and so the past few weeks have been weird. In balancing the fact that I was super excited to be moving to London and obviously also sad about everything else; hence the relative radio silence on here.

Now that August is almost over (…oops/where is time going), and things in my life are beginning to settle into a relative routine, I’m going to be posting a lot more on here.

In terms of some rather more positive things that July bought:

july photos

-Discovering Greenwich as a part of London that I do really love, in particular this lovely view from Royal Observatory
-Having a lovely send off from my colleagues at Birmingham City Council, I received some lovely gifts and celebrated with an obligatory Nandos and espresso martinis…of course
-Visiting the Curtain Up exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum, which I would massively recommend if you’re a theatre nerd; it’s filled with original costumes & designs, set models and original scripts
-This amazing breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien in St Pancras station.The coffee comes in a bowl. Plus the baked eggs are just too good.

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