Thoughts On: Jason Bourne


So I’m definitely a little late to this party but thought I’d still pop this post out there just in case it’s still hovering in cinemas.

I enjoyed the original Bourne trilogy and then gave the weird Jeremy Renner Bourne-but-not-Bourne film a miss, but getting the original director and star back together; combined with a housemate with a Cineworld card, meant that I found myself sat in a cinema to watch a bit of a summer blockbuster.

The plot follows the CIA after they face a hack which heralds the re-emergence of Jason Bourne (Matt Damon obvs) in Athens, and the threat of their latest surveillance programme working with cool tech guy Aaron Kallor (Riz Ahmed) being exposed. The team are divided as to their approach to Bourne. The director Dewey (Tommy Lee Jones) wants to take him out, whereas up-and-coming analyst Heather Lee (girl crush Alicia Vikander) wants to try and draw him back into the firm. Meanwhile, Bourne himself is desperate for answers about his past.

alicia vikander jason bourne

The original Bourne trilogy was credited with revitalising the Bond trilogy as being a series which was unafraid to show how much things actually hurt. This is something that is found here too; whilst there are pretty immense set pieces (a brilliant car chase through Athens against austerity riots, and one quite literally through Vegas) they don’t feel as excessive as they could. Paul Greengrass’ famous use of handheld camera makes it feel really immersive too.

As an aside, it was really refreshing to get to see a film where an attractive female lead wasn’t reduced to a love interest, and in fact had to tackle sexism as part of her story line (though…Alicia needs to share her skincare secrets stat). Plus, having a brown character not secretly be a terrorist was again, a refreshing stand-out against a backdrop of films which tend to feed into horrible social stereotypes. The characters in general felt really fleshed out, even those that were making their debut in the series, and I was VERY GLAD at events towards the end (nearly whooped).

All in all, this was a really fun time at the cinema and I would recommend checking it out if you’d like a fun way to spend an afternoon.


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