In Review: August


If July turned out to be a rather difficult month, August has been a pretty wonderful one. Although it did start with us saying goodbye to my Gran against a beautiful Cumbrian backdrop; it also heralded my move to London and me starting my new job.

Living in London still feels slightly surreal, I can see the offices of Canary Wharf from my bedroom window and that still just feels…weird. As does seeing the Shard every morning from the DLR window and knowing that I can jump on public transport and begin to tick off the crazy list of restaurants and museums and galleries that I’ve always wanted to see.


Things that happened this month include:

  • Walking to Greenwich under the Thames to have an outdoor Sunday Lunch at the Gipsy Moth (recommended)
  • Visiting the Breakfast Club’s underground cocktail bar which was super cool, and did Espresso Martinis which pleased me greatly
  • Hitting up the Oxford Street Lush store with my housemate’s sister who got us a 50discount on everything
  • Having a work night out in the most hipster place I have been (Crate Brewery, great pizzas)
  • Still getting far too excited about blue plaques being literally everywhere in this city
  • Getting to catch up with friends from school and Birmingham now that we’re here in the Big Smoke (shout out to the staff of Cote in Harley Street for dealing with our slightly squiffy antics and great mussels)
  • Having a double Carnival experience, and enjoying the bizarreness of strolling through gorgeous leafy streets with a tinned cocktail
  • Discovering the Canary Wharf sky garden, a surprisingly calm and green oasis amongst the steel of the development
  • Doing some serious bonding with next door’s cat (who loves us more)


It’s been super hectic, and getting to know a new city and a new job and dealing with it definitely being a step-up from my own job, everything is still pretty exciting. September always feel like a mid-year refresh (shout-out to the school term for impacting on everything forever), so I’m excited for this month too.


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