Thoughts On: Bridget Jones’s Baby


You should definitely just go and see this.

Bridget Jones is one of those characters who I feel is just incredibly well-loved by a lot of people. She’s someone whose life crisis are so recognisable, and though she does make some poor decisions, she never loses the audience; and this third film is no different.

I’m going to keep the plot summary brief as there is so much joy in this film from the surprises, but essentially Bridget (Renee Zellweger) engages in a night of passion at a music festival with hot US dating expert Jack (Patrick Dempsey) and then reunites with her ex-boyfriend Mark Darcy (Colin Firth, obvs) a couple of days later. She then discovers that she’s pregnant. But who is the Dad?

Written by Bridget’s creator Helen Fielding, Dan Mazer (known for the Ali G franchise) and national treasure Emma Thompson, this is a film that has laughs threaded all the way through. Whilst it is 2 hours long, and it never feels like it drags, and I was invested in the central plots all the way through.

In terms of the performances; Zellweger and Firth are both just completely natural as their characters; there was something super fun about seeing a little more of their working lives. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Dempsey’s character, but he performed him well, and is just seriously suave. It was also fun to see all of Bridget’s friends back on the big screen, and of course her parents, with her Mum (Gemma Jones) having one of the most moving lines of the film. I especially loved Sarah Solemani as Miranda, Bridget’s TV presenter friend; the scenes involving her interviews were some of the funniest. Plus, obviously, Emma Thompson as Bridget’s doctor is just brilliant.

This was just a really fun night out; helped by an audience that was literally gasping at certain moments and laughing loudly at others. I’d really recommend it as one of the best rom-coms I’ve seen in ages.

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