In Review: September

September has been a super busy month; both at work and at play, which I guess if the way you want things to be. I can confirm that living in London still feels super novel; and stumbling upon landmarks still makes me feel super excited.


Things that have happened this month include:

  • Watching Russell Howard introduce a special screening of The Royal Tenenbaums at the BFI on Southbank (aka my favourite part of London)
  • New Jonathan Safran Foer was released….and I’m still making my way through it
  • Finally seeing something at the lovely intimate Almeida Theatre (thoughts on They Drink it in the Congo here) and eating at the seriously good Almeida Restuarant 
  • Having an…eventful night out in Blackheath (I would not recommend Mordens, overpriced & pretty unfriendly staff), but meeting some lovely people
  • Having a super fun night at a Clueless themed party at the Bloomsbury Bowl, one of the only alleys I’ve been to with really great cocktails and food. And plenty of TLC and Britney
  • Attended London Fashion Weekend! Reuniting with one of my old colleagues and heading to Chelsea to check out some really beautiful clothes, and make a very sneaky pretty purchase from Astrid & Miyu
  • Then having a reunion with my other colleague in Comptoir Libanais, and having that wonderful feeling you get when you spend time with ‘your’ people
  • Somehow scoring an entirely free meal at Bella Italia, which ended up with me having a severe food coma, but was really delicious (recommend the Pollo Robiola)
  • Having a really great final week in September at work; featuring the fact we’re a full graduate cohort now, an event I organised went really well, and us grads went to a pub quiz in Whitehall which was insanely difficult but really good fun


October looks like it should be equally good, I’m so glad 2016 appears to be vaguely looking up.

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