Sunday Spends: October

Sunday 16th October
Wake up, make a cup of tea and eat a couple of slices of fruit loaf with butter.
10.30 Watch some YouTube videos and re-download my iPhone content (love low storage), whilst I wait for an ill-advised, emotionally-charged ASOS order to arrive.
11.00 As soon as the delivery slot time arrives for my parcel, I start mooning out the windows like a crazy person. Decide to check the kitchen cupboards to make sure I’m good for snacks for the coming week. Eat a two-finger KitKat as its the only one left.
11.15 Parcel arrives! Try on the heels and jumper which are the two most expensive items, but like them both.
12.00 Travel to Lewisham (£3 return)
12.45 Go to Boots with the intention of picking up one of the raved-about L’Oreal face masks, but they don’t have them in stock. Pick up a different face mask, a new moisturiser and some q-tips (£11.89)
Go to Marks & Spencer and pick up some food for the week ahead. Treat myself to some salmon and then also pick up some milk, bread, cooked chicken, mini duck tacos, two salads, a ready-made pizza, some Mediterranean vegetables, sweet potato, sweets and some ‘Christmas’ tea, as it’s never too early. (£39)
Pick up a coffee from Costa with the last of my change (£2.50)
Back home, I make a sausage sandwich for lunch
15.00 Using my housemate’s Amazon Prime account we watch The Last Five Years, whilst snacking on some of the sweets I picked up earlier. The film combined with recent dating experiences is enough to make me swear off men.
17.00 Try on the rest of my ASOS order, and decide to return some coated jeans and a jumper dress which I don’t love.
18.00 Head to the cinema with my housemate to see Miss Saigon. I bought the ticket back in August, so just have to pay for my travel (£3 return)
22.00 Arrive home having really loved the film, but not feeling work tomorrow. Eat a duck taco and the rest of the sweets.
Total Spend: £59.39

Monday 17th October
Alarm goes off, lie in bed scrolling through my phone to try and wake myself up
07.00 Make cinnamon porridge for breakfast, which I can never skip as I become a monster
08.00 Travel to work on time, which possibly means I’ve forgotten something (£2.40)
08.30 Realise I forgot my water bottle, so pop into Tesco and buy one (£0.40)
10.00 Finish the first meeting of the day, and eat half a Belvita soft bake I bought from home
13.00 Eat most of the disappointing salad I packed from home, and then a Graze peanut butter snack which I instantly mark as ‘bin’ online as it’s grim and I end up eating the dippers dry. Finish the Belvita bar whilst answering emails.
13.40 Pay my housemate back for the discounted drink I had at the cinema (she has a Cineworld card), and for my ticket & cinema snacks from when we saw Inferno before my pay day (£12.46)
15.00 Come out of a meeting to find someone has left a bunch of mini Haribo bags in the office, take a bag to fulfil my sugar cravings that my disappointing lunch has left me with.
17.15 Leave work, pop into WH Smith to pick up some packing tape as I managed to rip a hole in my ASOS parcel (£3.99)
17.30 Travel home, having a chat with my Mum on my journey as I didn’t call her over the weekend (£2.40)
18.05 Put the chicken, pesto & asparagus pizza into the oven and collapse on the sofa with it whilst watching Say Yes to the Dress, my ultimate guilty pleasure. Follow up with a cup of tea and about four biscuits.
19.15 Try out my new face-mask and have a long shower as I’m home alone this evening. Light some candles in my room and package up my ASOS returns.
20.30 Watch some YouTube videos and read some blogs, whilst trying the Christmas tea I picked up yesterday, it’s really good
21.50 Realise I’m almost falling asleep to a video about mascara so call it a night.
Total Spend: £21.65

Tuesday 18th October
Alarm goes off and I mourn the death of light in the mornings. Have the same breakfast as yesterday.
08.00 Head to work (£2.40)
08.35 Attempt to return ASOS parcel to the wrong Post Office, so add that to my to do list for lunchtime. My new shoes are already starting to rub, so I pop into Tesco to buy some plasters just in case (£1.49)
08.45 Arrive into the office and make myself a cup of tea using the free teabags and milk in the office.
10.00 Eat a Graze Herby Bread Basket snack pack.
11.00 Make another cup of tea. I have no meetings today, so these tea-making trips give me the chance to get away from my desk.
12.05 Head to the right Post Office and return my ASOS parcel (a gain of £60)
12.30 Go to Asda and buy a new box of instant porridge, this time Honey & Vanilla flavour, and some Yorkshire Gold teabags (£5.49)
12.50 Return to the office and eat a pasta salad I bought from home at my desk. Someone has bought in a box of Cadbury Heroes, so pinch a mini fudge bar as a dessert.
15.00 Make cup of tea number three and also steal a Hobnob from the office stash
16.30 One of the senior members of the team hands around liquorice which I definitely need after a less than positive day
17.15 Leave the office, making the earlier train (£2.40)
18.00 Arrive home and stick on Say Yes to the Dress whilst cooking the vegetables and salmon I purchased earlier in the week. Also eat some dim sum whilst I wait for it to cook.
19.00 My housemate comes home from work and we veg on the sofa watching Neighbours and Tutankhamun. Also eat a donut which my housemate picked up from Asda on reduction for like 30p
21.00 Make a cup of Christmas Tea and retreat upstairs to bed. We cave and turn the heating on as it’s chilly af in our rooms.
Total Spend: -£48.22

Wednesday 19th October
Alarm goes off and after dozing off, make some Vanilla & Honey porridge for breakfast.
08.10 Travel to work (£2.40)
08.45 Arrive into the office and make a cup of tea
10.30 Finish my first meeting, and make another cup of tea and eat a fruit loaf I bought from home to attempt to de-stress
12.00 Eat some chilli & coriander prawns with the leftover veg from last night, but am after something a bit naughtier so head to Tesco and pick up a chocolate bar (£0.62)
14.10 Anxiously waiting for someone to respond to a somewhat risky email, find a Coca Delight Nakd bar in my bag and stress eat that
15.00 Make yet another cup of tea
16.00 Hit a bit of a mental block, and spent a good fifteen minutes trying to decide what I want to eat at the restaurant I’m going to with my co-grads tomorrow. Also notice that my Nan has paid me back for my train tickets for my visit to her house this weekend which is totally unnecessary (a gain of £30)
16.35 Decide to accept that I am not being at all productive and call it a day. Head to Asda and buy a cake to satisfy my inevitable cake cravings when I watch The Great British Bake Off later
17.00 Commute home (£2.40)
17.30 Put a sweet potato in the oven, and eat the rest of the dim sum waiting for it to cook. Add a salmon fillet and the rest of the prawns from earlier to the oven too.
18.35 Eat my dinner whilst watching Say Yes to the Dress as per forever
19.00 Buy my train ticket home for Christmas, this is just a single as I’m not sure when I’m coming back to London at the minute (£11.20)
20.00 Watch The Great British Bake Off whilst eating the cake I picked up earlier
21.00 Mourn the loss of my favourite contestant, and then watch a documentary about the housing crisis in London which features the Borough I work in.
22.00 Turn in for the night.
Total Spend: -£11.38

Thursday 20th October
Alarm goes off, and get ready for my early start for the day
07.30 Travel to work, bizarrely it is busier than at my normal commute time (£2.40)
As today is a bit of a #yolo day, buy a latte and a chocolate croissant from a coffee shop in the station (£3.85)
Have been pretty productive this morning, so eat the Graze lemon drizzle flapjack I bought from home
11.30 Having just sent an email to all the senior managers in the Council, go and make a cup of tea to calm my email anxiety
12.30 Head to lunch with my fellow grads to a local restaurant, have a burger with fries and a Diet Coke. It’s great to catch up with everyone, and debrief on the documentary last night (£8.80)
14.30 Food coma seems to be hitting me and so make myself a cup of tea and a nab a couple of caramel chocolate sweets
16.30 Leave work to head into London to meet a friend from my last job whose in London (£2.80)
17.10 Meet in a Caffe Nero just off Oxford Street and grab a latte and have a catch-up
18.15 We head to New Look where Elle magazine is hosting an event. Enjoy a couple of free bellinis and cake, and also collect a goody bag full of free stuff too.
20.00 Obviously the catch is that they want us to buy stuff…So I pick up a pair of boots, jeans, a skirt, two jumpers and a scarf. At least I get 15% off and a free bottle of perfume?! (£104)
20.15 We head to Nandos for a quick dinner. Order a chicken pitta with chips, added halloumi and a Diet Coke (£11.30)
21.20 Make sure my friend knows how to get home, and then travel home myself (£2.40)
22.00 Chat with my housemates and then try my new purchases on before bed. Unfortunately I like everything.
23.15 Curl up in bed watching YouTube videos
Total Spend: £137.85

Friday 21st October
I’m on leave today so get a bit more of a lie-in than usual. Wake up and start packing for my weekend away, whilst eating a highly nutritious breakfast of sweets from my New Look goody bag.
10.05 Head to Waterloo station (£2.40)
10.35 Manage to arrive an hour before my train is due, and head to Pret and buy a honey granola pot, a bottle of water and a latte (£4.85)
11.20 Board the train and enjoy the pretty scenic train journey to my grandparents house
13.05 Meet my grandparents off the train and travel back to their house. Eat lunch which is a selection of sandwiches made by my Nan.
15.00 Walk down to the beach with my Nan, which is one of my favourite places, and chat with her enjoying the late afternoon sun
17.00 Arrive back at the house and drink a cup of tea, I swear my Nan makes the best tea ever
19.00 Nan makes dinner which is honey-mustard salmon with roasted vegetables, and then a very seasonal mince pie for dessert
22.30 Head to bed
Total Spend: £7.25

Saturday 22nd October
Wake up and snuggle in bed for a bit longer. My Nan brings me a cup of tea.
10.30 Breakfast (brunch?) of croissants and orange juice
13.30 After spending the morning chilling and reading the newspapers, my Grandad drives us to Chawton to visit Jane Austen’s house
14.00 My tickets for the museum are covered by my grandparents, it’s a fascinating insight into her life and worth a visit if you’re a fan of her work. Leave via the gift shop, where I pick up a copy of Northanger Abbey (£1.50)
15.30 We go to a tearoom in the village where I have a brie & cranberry toastie and a cup of tea. My attempts to pay are thwarted.
17.00 We return home where I have another cup of tea and a slice of cake
19.00 We head to a local wine bar, where I drink a Gin & Tonic roughly the size of my own head. My grandparents cover the bill.
20.15 Eat dinner at the Thai restaurant near my grandparents. We have a mixed starter platter, and then I eat a prawn stir-fry and coconut rice (my favourite), as well as splitting a bottle of wine.
23.00 After a long dinner, head home to bed.
Total Spend: £1.50

Sunday 23rd October
Awoken by my Nan bringing me a cup of tea. Drink said tea whilst packing.
10.30 Another breakfast of crossiants and orange juice.
14.00 My Nan makes an epic Sunday lunch. Eat chicken with stuffing, carrots, broccoli, roast potatoes, sweet potato and gravy. Followed up by treacle pudding and washed down with white wine.
16.35 My Grandad drives me back to the train station, where I wave my grandparents off and head back to London
18.20 Back in London, travel back home (£2.40)
19.00 Unpack and make a cup of tea (don’t think I’ve had enough this weekend), and eat two mince pies that my Nan packed for me.
20.00 Should be writing a paper for an early meeting tomorrow, but instead use a face mask to try and calm my skin down
21.00 Still not writing the paper, instead watching YouTube videos and snacking on more of the free sweets from earlier in the week
Total Spend: £2.40
Weekly Spend: £168.94

Monday 24th October
Initially set my alarm to go off now to give me time to write a paper before my early meeting. Decide that actually getting more sleep would be a better bet.
06.45 Actually wake up and make honey & vanilla poriddge for breakfast. Accompany this with two Lemsip capsules to try and fend off the cold that appears to be brewing.
07.55 Travel to work (£2.40)
08.30 Arrive at work and make a cup of Christmas tea that I bought in from home to try and burn my cold out.
10.00 Make a cup of regular tea and drink whilst eating a Belvita bar I bought in from home.
12.00 Head to Superdrug to buy some hair dye. Then head to Asda where I look for anything but a sandwich, but wind up with a chicken & stuffing sandwich, mini Maryland cookies and an Innocent Recharge smoothie. (£11.80)
17.15 Leave work and head to Marks & Spencer to pick up a few food things. Chat to my Mum on the phone whilst I travel (£2.40)
18.00 Buy chicken breasts, pre-made salads, sweet peppers, chocolate souffle, crumpets, pizza and a marzipan chocolate bar (£21)
18.30 Travel home where I put the pizza into the oven (£1.50)
21.45 Spend the evening catching up with my housemates and watching Neighbours and Fixer Uppers. Also eat a souffle and the chocolate bar. Oops.
Total Spend: £39.10

Tuesday 25th October
06.50 Wake up and make the same porridge as always.
08.05 Head to work (£2.40)
08.50 Realise I’ve forgotten my staff pass, so head to reception to get a temporary one. Unlike my last workplace, they don’t charge for these.
09.20 I enter the TodayTix lottery for the new David Bowie musical tonight on a whim, I don’t win.
09.45 Eat the tomato dip Graze snack that I bought in from home.
11.00 Meeting is cancelled, and make a cup of tea and eat a Nakd bar to celebrate
12.05 Go to Asda and pick up a cinnamon swirl, as I’m craving sweet carbs (£0.50)
12.30 Eat a pre-made salad I picked up yesterday and the cinnamon swirl at my desk
15.00 Make a cup of tea and also nab a couple of Cadbury Heroes
17.15 Pick up some grated cheddar for dinner tonight, and one of the Malteaser Christmas treats because I love them (£3.10)
17.30 Travel home (£2.40)
18.15 My housemates & I book tickets to see Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them. Send my housemate my share (£7)
18.30 Make quesidillas for dinner, and also drink a milkshake from a local burger restuarant which is probably not the best choice for my cold (£4.85)
21.30 Somehow completely shattered so turn in for the night with a couple of YouTube videos.
Total Spend: £20.25

Wednesday 26th October
06.45 Alarm goes off and I begrudingly get out of bed.
08.00 Start commute (£2.40)
08.35 Buy a latte and a croissant from a coffee shop in the train station (£3.75)
11.00 Make a Graze Tom Yum soup to try and burn the cold out of my system
12.10 Eat a pre-made salad for lunch which I’m not in love with, and the malteaser treat I picked up yesterday
14.30 Steal another Cadbury Hereo from the communal stash
16.20 Am really hungry but can’t justify leaving the office this early, manage to find a Cocoa Orange nakd bar in my bag so I eat that
17.00 Leave work and travel to shopping centre near me (£2.40)
18.00 Go to Zara with the intention of buying black jeans for a conference I’m attending tomorrow. End up also buying shoes, a blouse and two dresses. Oops. (£165)
18.30 Return home (£1.50)
18.45 Make homemade nachos using leftover tortilla wraps, salsa and cheese from yesterday. Watch Say Yes to the Dress whilst eating, and then wash some new bed linen.
19.30 Warm up a chocolate souffle and eat whilst watching the final of The Great British Bake Off, am pleased with the result but sad that its the final show on the BBC.
21.00 Finally dye my hair.
22.00 Pack for the next couple of days and tidy my room so its not too messy when I get home. Set an early alarm and go to sleep.
Total Spend: £175.75

Thursday 27th October
06.00 Force myself out of bed and finish packing for the next few days.
07.00 Travel to Euston station (£2.40)
07.40 Arrive super early as always. Collect my tickets which will be expensed through work. Head to Caffe Nero and buy a latte and a ham & cheese croissant (£5.35)
08.00 Meet a couple of my fellow grads from work and we head to our train
09.20 Arrive in Coventry where we meet our our other fellow grad, and jump in a taxi to the conference centre. This will be claimed back through work.
09.50 Arrive and sign-in; have a mug-shot photo taken and then take advantage of the free tea & coffee.
12.45 Break for lunch and am pretty overwhelmed by the insane choice. Eat vegetable lasagne, with mixed salad sides and cheesecake. All free.
18.00 Finish for the day and check into my room. Eat a ginger cookie that is with the tea & coffee and freshen up for dinner.
18.40 Head downstairs and buy a glass of rose from the bar (£5)
19.00 Get given a free drink voucher from our grad scheme co-ordinator which I trade for a gin and tonic
19.30 At dinner, eat seabream with roast poatoes and vegetables; and a chocolate mousse.
20.30 Get another drink in the bar, another glass of rose (£5)
21.00 As a graduate scheme we head to the student bar on campus. Buy a crazily cheap drink and also get a free shot of vodka-which is grim. (£2.55)
22.00 Discover a better/less full bar, which does cocktails. Buy one obviously (£3)
00.00 Head back to the conference centre, as we do have another full day tomorrow.
01.00 Regret eating the cookies earlier. Drink some water and pass out.
Total Spend: £23.30

Friday 28th October
07.00 Alarm goes off and I regret all the choices I made last night
08.30 Head downstairs and check out of my room. Go for breakfast where I eat scrambled eggs, sausages, a Danish pastry and also lots of coffee.
10.30 Break time. Drink more coffee. I’m not feeling great.
12.30 It’s lunch. Have fish & chips and Eton mess. An obvious lunch choice.
16.50 Hop on the train back to London, feel quite inspired about my job and meeting the other graduates
18.30 Get back home and decide to order a cheese pizza and a Diet Coke to try and make myself feel better (£2.40 + £17.40)
21.30 Feel pretty horrendous despite just lying on the sofa, so call it a night.
Total Spend: £19.80

Saturday 29th October
08.00 Wake up feeling slightly better, bumble around my room kind of tidying it.
11.00 Head to Lewisham (£1.50)
11.30 Go to WHSmith and end up buying a couple of magazines (£5)
12.00 Buy an exercise mat from Tiger so that I can start getting back into exercise at home (£10)
12.15 Buy a hazelnut latte from Costa (£2.60)
12.30 Head back home, where I eat leftover pizza from yesterday for lunch (£1.50)
17.00 Manage to pick up the last ticket to Thursday night’s performance of Amadeus at the National Theatre. Also send my housemate my rent payment (£20)
17.30 My housemate and I decide to get takeaway for dinner. I order gyzoa and crab salad, and send my housemate my bill (£12.45)
21.00 We’re suffering through The X Factor as my housemate works for the production company, and decide to order dessert. I have an Uber Eats credit, so this is basically free. Which is good as they’re a bit disappointing.
23.00 Give in to my growing cold and head to bed.
Total Spend: £53.05

Sunday 30th October
08.00 We’ve gained an hour! Lie in bed and watch YouTube videos, trying to fight my cold
08.30 Make a cup of tea and Honey & Vanilla porridge
09.00 Tidy my room and finally put away my case.
12.30 Pass on going out for Sunday lunch because I feel rough.
14.00 Make some hot chocolate from a sachet I stole from the conference centre and curl up in my room with a bunch of candles and fairy lights.
17.00 My body clock has been thrown out by the clock change, pop a sweet potato in to cook as I haven’t been great at eating today.
18.00 Add some pancetta, peppers and cheese to the sweet potato. Eat whilst watching trashy TV (I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant anyone?) with my housemate.
21.00 After much eye-rolling at The X Factor, decide to turn in for the night.
Total Spend: £0

Weekly Spend: £330.55




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