In Review: October


At the risk of sounding like a stuck record, October was another month which felt like it flew by without me really being able to have my feet touch the ground. I’m not sure if it’s just due to the pace of life in London but both at work and out of it, I just feel really busy. Whilst 2016 has been kind of awful in a lot of ways, I do want to try and grab hold of time and make it slow-down just a tad.


Things that happened this month include:

  • Celebrating my housemate’s birthday at The Cooperage in Greenwich with lots of food and even more cocktails
  • My very cute parents sending me a bunch of flowers after an event I’d been stressing about organising at work went well
  • Making a very naughty purchase at the Mulberry sample sale (perks of having a housemate who works for them), I’ve dreamed of owning a Mulberry piece since I was about 13 so I don’t feel too bad (though my bank balance probably does)
  • Going to see The Tempest with one of my friends from school at Kings Cross Theatre, which you can read my thoughts on here
  • Going to the Elle x New Look event on Oxford Street with my old work colleague, getting to drink free prosecco cocktails, eat cake, get a load of free swag and dropping an unfortunately large amount of money on new clothes; all whilst having a lovely catch-up
  • Heading down to the coast to spend a long weekend with my grandparents. It was really nice to a) have my first day of leave since I started my job and also b) to spend a weekend outside of the city. I ate an awful lot of good food; and also visited Jane Austen’s house in Chawton which was a really cool insight into her life
  • The graduate scheme I’m on had its first national conference event which meant de-camping to Warwick University for a couple of days. It was kind of exhausting and definitely reminded me of the hyper-friendliness that everyone has during Fresher’s Week; but it was also really good fun and useful too. Plus getting to sample the night life at a university that rejected me way back when was pretty sweet (and cemented that going to Birmingham was really not a bad thing)


So yes, that was October. We’re only 6 days into November and it already feels pretty busy as well (hence the lateness to this post), but we are hitting the festive season aka my favourite time of year so that’s pretty exciting!

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