Thoughts On: The Bodyguard, Dominion Theatre


The app TodayTix is probably my favourite thing ever. It runs lotteries for a select amount of West End shows, where you can enter to win two £15 tickets (not sponsored sadly but just do freaking love this app). Having been lucky enough to go along to The Entertainer (no review as its now closed sadly), my housemate also managed to win tickets to The Bodyguard. And it was a surprisingly good time.

If, in case like me you’ve never seen the Whitney Houston/Kevin Costner film, The Bodyguard is the story of Rachel Marron (Beverley Knight) an incredibly famous singer. When she begins to receive threatening letters from a stalker (Matthew Strathers), her management decide to call-in a professional bodyguard in the shape of Frank Farmer (Ben Richards). They start off hating each other, and you can probably imagine how it goes from there.

 The book (adapted from the screenplay by Alexander Dinelaris) is occasionally a bit clunky, but there are some fun decisions (e.g. having a group of girls doing karaoke, a brilliant first hit of ‘I Will Always Love You’), and I will say that I doubt anyone is going to see the show for the book, because truly it is the music that steals this show. Packed with Whitney Houston classic songs, every musical moment is really good fun.


It’s also helpful that Knight obviously has an incredible voice, and belts out all these songs with virtually no problem. She brings the house down and deserves the standing ovation she got at the end of the show. That being said, the majority of the cast are great. Richards’ American accent slides all over the place, but he is fun and attractive foil for Knight. Rachel John as Nikki Marron, the oft-sidelined sister, has a beautiful (if underused) voice, and makes her tricky character fairly likeable. There’s also good support from Dominic Taylor as Sy Spector, Rachel’s manager, and the entire ensemble imbue their individual characters with real personality which is always fun to see.

If you just fancy bopping along to some classic music, in a really beautiful theatre (the Dominion is stunning), I would really recommend going to see The Bodyguard before it closes in January.

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