A Month in Review: November


This month, man. I know I haven’t really spoken about the US Election, but it has really felt like a bit of a dark cloud over my mood this month. This whole year just feels like someone took all of the values I have and shown me just how (apparently) few people agree with me. Which is a tad painful.

However, on a more positive note, November hasn’t been all bad.

  • I went to see my first ever play at the National, Amadeus, which was amazing and you can read my full thoughts here. I’m very excited about spending more time there in the New Year.
  • Going to Dishoom with my parents, and having some of the best food. I really recommend it if you haven’t already checked it out.
  • Finishing almost all my Christmas shopping before December, which feels pretty great (although the less said about my bank balance the better)


  • Going to see The Entertainer starring Kenneth Branagh, The Bodyguard and Dreamgirls within about two weeks. I love the theatre more than anything else and it’s been a complete dream to spend so much time there
  • Getting transported back to the world of Harry Potter with Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them nov2
  • Hitting the madness of the Ideal Home Show at Christmas and being given enough spaghetti to last for months
  • My first work-related drinks which bizarrely ended up in a private farmers members club. Seriously.


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