Christmas Dreaming



Christmas is approaching faster than I care to really admit, and I’m happy to say I have mostly wrapped up my gift buying (…aside from wrapping paper to actually put all my gifts in). However, something I’ve found gets a bit trickier as I get older is coming up with things I’d like myself. So I thought I’d share some things  that I’d quite like to find under the tree in case you need any tips yourselves.

  1. Pyjamas. I love a cosy pair of PJ’s, especially in winter. This fun pair are from Next (similar here), but I also love these bottoms from Fat Face
  2. Perfume. I don’t know if I’d go as far as to say that this is my ‘signature scent’, but I do love Jo Malone’s Nutmeg & Ginger Cologne (and a lot of her other fragrances too)
  3. Fashionable knitwear. Pink definitely seems to be having a moment this year, and so a great way of staying warm and fashionable would be to pick up a pink knit. This style can be found here, and there are similar styles here and here.
  4. Cosy knitwear. Late December into January is a time where you want to be warm and cosy and basically like you’re hiding in a blanket when you leave. This dress is from Zara, but there are tons like this out there.
  5. Jewellery. Who doesn’t like getting jewellery as a gift? This ring is one of Astrid & Miyu‘s zodiac/birthstone rings, and I love the majority of their jewellery.
  6. Make-Up Sets. If you or someone else in your life is into make-up but just can’t quite justify buying a bunch at once, this is a great gift idea to get around that. This Soft & Natural Brow Kit from Benefit includes my favourite brow pencil as well as a gel and highlighter. An extra special gift would be one of the Charlotte Tilbury eye kits, which you can tailor to your loved ones eye colours.
  7. Books. I’m a love books (even my reading posts this year may suggest otherwise), so my book wishlist runs for several pages on Amazon. One of my top favourites for this year would be Inside Vogue by Alexandra Shulman, her diary of British Vogue’s 100th year. Other wishlist picks are Swing Time by Zadie Smith, about two friends whose lives go in different directions and Hagseed by Margaret Atwood, a retelling of Shakespeare’s The Tempest.
  8. Lush Stuff. I can’t imagine ever tiring of Lush things. You can tailor what you buy to whether you have a bath or shower and everything smells great and is cruelty-free. Secret Garden contains a bunch of bits including Rose Jam, but then It’s Christmas Deer also sounds great, featuring a bunch of Christmas spice inspired treats.
  9. Fun party shoes. Whether you’re heading out for New Years or just like a fun pair of shoes to brighten up an outfit, these glittery pumps will definitely add a bit of fun to your outfit. Alternatively, if you’ve got £££ to spend, Sophia Webster and Charlotte Olympia both do very fun shoes.
  10. Candles. I love a fancy candle, but this is definitely something I struggle with splashing money on as you are literally burning it away. I’d love to recieve the White Company’s Winter candle, as the scent is basically Christmas to me. However, a cheaper alternative would definitely be the always lovely Yankee Candle scents. If you want to go all in and make someone very happy this year, Diptyque also does some delicious smelling festive scents
  11. Pretty workwear. Sometimes I get pretty sad about the fact that I spend more time in my work part of my wardrobe than my preferred (and more fun) part. However, one way of getting around this is getting workwear that you really like in there. This blouse is from Zara, and I love that it has gold bits in just to keep the festive feel all year around.
  12. Things for the home. Clearly a sign that I’m getting old, but I would be very happy to receive some fancy new towels this year as mine are looking a bit worse for wear (these are from Zara Home). Otherwise anything from mugs to prints are fun gifts to receive (in my humble, ageing opinion!)

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