Clicklist #22


It’s been a surprisingly long time since I put one of these link lists together, so for your lunch break this Monday there’s an assortment of everything from fashion and ballet, to mental health and President Obama.

From the Blogosphere

I really loved Sarah’s fashion homage to Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them

A Day in the Life of a Ballet Dancer, which also lead me to discover Olivia’s own blog, Ballet Style

Rosie’s post is a lovely throwback to Christmas, and I’m itching to try out Said

Michelle’s travel posts are always lovely, and I loved this diary from her trip to Bali. Also I really dig her new blog design.

3 Ways I Make the Most of Networking aka My Personal Hell

Hannah on the importance of knowing your own mental illness warning signs

Kate’s Elderflower Fizz cocktails look truly delicious, and a celebratory drink for all year around

I love this peep at Carrie’s beautiful wedding, and her post on finding her dress also scratched my Say Yes to the Dress itch.

Ways to support the Women’s March

I loved Rosianna’s vlogmas a lot, an example is below

From the Internet

Zadie Smith answers the Proust Questionnaire 

What is your idea of perfect happiness? Reading quietly, in high grass, among loved ones (who are also quietly reading). Followed by a boozy lunch.

Beyoncé interviews Solange, so interesting on both creativity and sisterhood

Pandora Sykes is one of my favourite writers & podcasters, so I really liked this look at her work life. Also a nod to Olivia for helping me discover Work Work Work.

Millennial playwrights pick the century’s best shows 

The strange death of municipal England (niche af, but if you care about your local services, worth reading)

When my mind stopped working, I realised just how badly we treat mental health. Brilliant piece by Isabel Hardman.

As if I haven’t banged on about the Money Diaries series enough, you can read a round-up of the UK ones here

It still doesn’t seem real that President Obama is being replaced by a human garbage fire, so here are two of his final videos. His beautiful farewell speech in Chicago, and his awarding of the Medal of Freedom to Joe Biden.

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