Thoughts On: Baby Driver

baby driver ansel elgort jon hamm jamie foxx

Baby Driver has got to be one of the most-raved about films of the year, that I had somehow never seen a single trailer for. However, after my housemates both went to see it and loved it; I popped into the air-conned cinema for Edgar Wright’s latest project (and was very pleasantly surprised).

The film follows Baby (Ansel Elgort), a young man who is paying off a debt to gang boss Doc (Kevin Spacey) by being one of the best get-away drivers that Doc has ever met. The film follows Baby’s attempts to escape from his job and instead pursue a relationship with Debra (Lily James).

The film has attracted a lot of comparisons to Drive, the 2011 Ryan Gosling film, however unlike Drive this is far more of a fun viewing experience. Whilst Wright doesn’t pretend that the violence of the gang’s actions has consequences, Baby Driver has a real sense of humour. What is perhaps most notable about the film is its killer soundtrack. Baby listens to music constantly, and as the audience, we hear what he hears. Wright was inspired to make the film after listening to ‘Neat Neat Neat’ by The Damned, and the music is just perfectly matched to the action. I’ve never downloaded a Spotify playlist so fast, or craved a vintage iPod as much as I did after watching this film.

baby driver ansel elgort lily james

In terms of performances, Elgort is really good at holding the camera. Baby doesn’t speak that much, but Elgort’s face and musicality really help portray the character all the same. Spacey is great as always, even if Doc feels a bit like Frank Underwood lite, and other scene-stealing performances come from Jon Hamm as Buddy and an especially scary Jamie Foxx as Batts, other members of Doc’s gang.

Edgar Wright’s writing and direction keeps the plot zipping along in a very stylish fashion. The car chase scenes are slick and really engaging, and there are moments that are also really touching (a certain scene with Baby and his foster father made me well up). Baby Driver is a really great film, and definitely one to watch if superhero movies or animated sequels are not your thing.

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