Thoughts On: The Great Gatsby, Gatsby’s Drugstore

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A couple of weeks ago, me and my housemate managed to win tickets on the Today Tix lottery to get to see The Great Gatsby. But not any kind of Gatsby production, a production that takes place at a ‘top secret location’ and throws you head first into a 1920s time capsule, with the story unfolding around you.

The Great Gatsby is one of my favourite novels, and I enjoy both film adaptations so was intrigued to see how a multi-timeline story would work. I don’t want to spoil the routes you can take; but you can find yourself dressing Gatsby for his meeting with Daisy, being in the apartment where Tom Buchanan keeps in town, and many more. I do feel like you may be a bit lost if you aren’t familiar with the story prior to going along to the show.

immersive gatsby

The cast are incredibly hard-working, going from acting during the show to singing and dancing and serving drinks during the pauses. Stand-outs include Daniel Dingsdale as Nick, for managing to keep the  audience moving and the story going; Tom Maller as Tom Buchanan is great as the antagonist of the piece and Veronica Hare gives Myrtle a real depth which both the novel and adaptations are not always as successful at doing.

I’d really recommend Gatsby for a very different night-out in London; dress-up and get involved in the (excellent) gin-based cocktails.

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