What I’ve Bookmarked | 7


Facebook really is spying on you, just not through your phone’s mic

The Ambition Collision

Two Call Your Girlfriend episodes: Bi Bi Bi and Believe Women’s Pain

Dame Minouche Shafik’s Desert Island Discs

For International Women’s Day, The New York Times began Overlooked, a series of obituaries on famous women whose deaths were overlooked by their pages, including Ida B. Wells and Sylvia Plath

Affirmation horoscopes for the New Moon in Pisces 

The work-life balance: does it even exist?

The psychology of ghosting and why people can’t stop doing it

Debunking the super-common myth about success I’m sick of hearing about

I can’t pull everything off, and that’s okay

Every single dollar I spent during my first month abroad as a college student

This This American Life Episode: Five Women

Hamilton: What’s better than seeing the hottest show on Broadway? Creating a forever memory. (I’m not sure how I missed this in 2016, but I cried at my desk reading it)

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