What Did I Miss?

So, its been a minute or ten.

I mentioned a few posts back that I was offered and accepted a new job, and this first month has been a whirlwind that I’m still trying to process. Everyone I’ve met so far has been lovely, but I’ve been working with a client from Day 2 and it feels like I haven’t really had much chance to catch my breath!

March was a complete whirlwind. I turned 25, and celebrated at Hawksmoor with my family, Duck & Waffle with my housemates and in Shoreditch with all of my friends. I was thoroughly spoilt and had a lovely time at all these places. Turning 25 was something that didn’t feel that much of a big deal at the time, but reflecting on it, I think this being my 25th year has definitely been a bit of a driver in me sorting out my fitness and my financial position.

duck and waffle

I spent a lot of my final weeks in my old job recruiting for the next cohort of graduates for the scheme that I was on, which was the National Graduate Development Programme. This took me to both the LGA and to Preston to assess candidates which was a really valuable experience, and I’m hopeful that there are some really good people about to start their journeys in local government.

I also went to see Sondheim on Sondheim at the Southbank Centre which was a concert of Stephen Sondheim, featuring some of my favourite musical theatre singers including Tyrone Huntley and Julian Ovenden. I also saw Macbeth and 42nd Street, and you can find my thoughts on those by click through the links. I spent Easter at home with my family, and enjoyed a good break before starting my new job.

hawksmoor dessert

April felt like it was over in the blink of an eye. Getting to grips with a new job, longer hours and more travelling was a lot to deal with. I also saw my very first opera with my housemate via ENO’s Opera Undressed programme. Whilst I’m not sure opera is completely my thing, I do always appreciate the arts having programmes that make them more accessible.

One of my favourite bands, Arcade Fire, also toured during April and I headed to Birmingham to see them with my family. Whilst this did mean I get to wake up 5.15am to make it to work again from home, they were so worth it. Their live shows are worth every penny and the atmosphere is always electric. I’d highly recommend seeing them if you get the opportunity. Whistle-stop visits also continued when I headed to Bristol for a few hours to catch up with my work friends from Birmingham, who it was just lovely to see.


May also feels like it’s storming past, but I promise I won’t be quite so absent!

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