What I’ve Bookmarked | 10

This is a bit of a bumper edition, as although I’ve been away from this blog, I’ve still been reading and watching blogs, newsletters and my social media feeds with my usual furore. So grab a coffee, and have a chill Sunday reading and watching some things that I’ve loved over the past month(s).

Am I stinking vermin or am I running the world? The racists think it’s both.

Young women are convinced motherhood is going to suck, and they’re right

This accurately sums up a painful amount of my dating experiences: Lex on being needy

Literally every single unnecessary purchase I’ve made so far this year

Katie Hopkins is dishing out advice for Londoners, live from her living room in Devon

This story about a bridal shower will make you want to never get married

Good Skin vs Bad Skin: The Cultural Ramifications of ‘Bad Skin’

Why University Challenge is deliberately asking more questions about women

Did drinking give me breast cancer?

Cardi B on her unstoppable rise, repping gang life and the peril of butt injections

My favourite moment of our wedding

Do I need to start thinking about having kids?

Ready Player One is the roadmap to digital dystopia 

Mandy Patinkin & Katherine Grody on being madly in love for 40 years

Rose on how to be confident

Here’s to strong women: the end of the damsel in financial distress

From crystals to horoscopes: the rise of spirituality in a sceptical world

This is exactly how I asked for my first raise, and got it

I made this for brunch today and it was amazing

Everything Rachel Green wore that we would wear now

Leandra and Pandora discuss early motherhood 

20 quick dinners for people who hate cooking

Michelle’s Money Diary as a freelancer on a variable income

loved this piece: On loving Starbucks and losing a safe space

I’m tempted to make these for a Royal Wedding picnic next week: strawberry pie bars

Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash


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