What I’ve Bookmarked| The Last 5 Months


*awkwardly clears throat*

I’m a terrible blogger. Terrible. I’ve made references to some pretty big changes that have happened this year before, and I’ve definitely dropped some balls that I wanted to keep juggling; one of them is this space.

However, I’ve been getting writer envy reading some posts some friends have been writing and have decided to resurrect this space; also I miss writing for fun and not for work so…as a return I’ve decided to give you a list of the things that I loved reading/watching/listening to on the interwebs since the summer (my favourite physical books will be another post).

Grab a coffee and check out these links on everything from weddings to local government…

How Britain’s political conversation turned toxic

The Jumpsuit: A critical essay

Inside the minds (and cabinets) of self-proclaimed make-up addicts

The national calamity we don’t hear about; the death of local democracy

I’m really passive aggressive, and I need to cut that shit out

Majority of young men more likely to challenge sexual harassment since #MeToo

Anna on the mistakes & lessons she’s learnt so far in her twenties 

We can’t all be winners as a new welfare state emerges

Millennial pink, Gen-Z yellow & the truth about colour click-bait

What is a woman worth?

Inside the murky world of influencer marketing 

Serial is back; Season 3 is exploring the American justice system. It’s a tough listen but really worth it so far.

The dark side of viral stories meant to ‘restore your faith in humanity’

Remembering Kate Spade & her legacy

All the Gwyneth Paltrow-iest details from Gwyneth Paltrow’s wedding

Where the hell is the love of my life?

Call Your Girlfriend remains a favourite; this episode with Rebecca Traister and this with Stacey Abrams are worth a listen

Beauty secrets from a ballet dancer

Hating fast fashion is a privilege 

How Mark Zuckerberg became too big to fail

We are all ‘real’ women, so why do we keep insisting that some us aren’t?

Marianne Elliott on Desert Island Discs

This is a very hard listen, but excellent: Before the Next One, a This American Life episode on school shootings


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