What I’ve Bookmarked | 12


Winter appears to have landed, and I can’t remember the last day the sun managed to break through the clouds. My plan for today is to stay curled up in my cosy leggings for as long as possible, with maybe a little bit of spring (winter?) cleaning.

My housemate recommended the How to Fail podcast to me, and I love the episodes with Alistair Campbell and Otegha Uwagba

The types of men you’ll meet post Me Too

Why women’s shoes are so painful 

I’m a bit of a sucker for posts about things people are thankful for, I really liked Kate & Briony’s

Why America’s best burger joint closed down

When Michelle Obama met Oprah

3 New York baristas spill the deets on tips, regulars & oat milk

I am obsessed with this tartan suit

I’ve used Clue since I stopped using birth control and find it really useful, but this is an interesting read all the same; period tracking apps like Clue and Glow are not for women 

I’ve really been enjoying Liv’s content, and this post is no exception (and is how ads should really be)

As someone who is very anti the side hustle, I really liked this article

Something about the murky weather is making a visit somewhere warm very appealing. Meg & Lucy’s posts from the Western deserts of the USA are not helping

I did also love Naomi’s post of her family enjoying the first snow in New York

Bee’s 100 Christmas Gift Ideas are lovely

10 things to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed

3 women on finding fulfilment outside of the mainstream

I discovered Rosemary MacCabe’s blog when I was belatedly looking for Dublin recommendations and am obsessed with her non-anonymous, totally honest Money Diaries. Start here.

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Photo by Artem Sapegin on Unsplash

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