What I’ve Bookmarked | 13


Well. This is a bit awkward. I’m making an advanced 2019 resolution to find time to write here; more of that in a later post. As I’m writing this it’s Boxing Day morning; aka the beginning of that strange time between Christmas and New Year where its easy to forget what day it is. I thought I’d include some of the blogs, articles and YouTube videos I’ve enjoyed whilst I’ve been away.

Michelle on spend shaming and why it needs to stop

This is a good follow-up; what the broke woman earning £40k reveals about us

What really matters? 5 older women weigh in

The Grand Canyon is somewhere I still can’t believe I visited, and I really loved Carrie’s photos

The 14 seconds in Love Actually no one talks about

What Amazon reviews reveal about humanity

I’ve really enjoyed Rhiannon’s vlogmas; her little girl is adorable and almost makes me want children. Almost.

I’ve never been that interested in visiting Tenerife, until reading Amber’s post and discovering that it is 30 degrees in December. Yes please.

In contrast, Liv’s post from the British seaside in winter was also lovely

Kate on Christmas in Paris

In this Brexit soap opera, it’s time for Emmerdale-plus-plus. 2018 was the year I discovered Marina Hyde and I love her.

I love the styling of this post from Megan; super bold and super fun

‘The Rules’ versus my rules if I wrote a dating how-to book

Alix’s vlogmas has been great; I’m so happy to see her back making videos

Team Man Repeller says goodbye to Amelia Diamond; I’ve loved Amelia’s writing so am sad she’s leaving but excited to read her fiction!

Some festive baking that I’m keen to make; baklava babka from Smitten Kitchen and overnight biscuit cinnamon rolls from Joy the Baker

Briony on how she celebrates the festive season; and Carrie on Christmas in London

Fleur has been one of my favourite YouTube content creators for YEARS and I always enjoy her festive content

Frankie Boyle’s review of 2018 

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