What I’ve Bookmarked | 15


Hold onto your hats because this is a bit of a bumper edition of things I’ve read and watched over the past month. Ranging from scammers to coffee shops via local government policy- something for everyone!

A suspense novelist’s trail of deceptions
WHOA is all I can say.

Sometimes I Think Everybody Hates Me: A Mid-Twenties Mood

Netflix’s ‘You’ has me asking myself; am I a stalker? (You need to watch You, I’m obsessed)

This article was everywhere at the beginning of the month, if you missed it please read it now: How millennials became the burnout generation

Michelle’s guide to Malaysia is so good – it’s definitely somewhere I fancy visiting now

The Empty Mason Jar of the Influencer Economy: Caroline Calloway & Creativity Workshop Tour
I’d never heard of Calloway until this article and YIKES. Calloway responded with grace by er…selling t-shirts with the author of the articles name on. Nice.

I found this Man Repeller piece so interesting-I want to become a Thank You person: There are two kinds of people in this world, ‘sorry’ people and ‘thank you’ people

Olivia’s love letter to the suburbs

Fostering can be heart-wrenching. At times I’ve sat down & cried.
One of my projects in my new job was with foster carers and I think they’re exceptional people.

The real reasons kids want to become YouTubers

If there was ever a time we needed a digital literacy lesson it’s now…

Kristabel’s reflections on a decade of blogging is really interesting – I started reading blogs in the days of mirror selfie posts and the way it has changed does blow my mind

Fyre Festival & the privilege of buying into a fantasy.
The Fyre Festival documentary on Netflix blew my mind, and I think this is an intelligent addition to the conversation around it.

Could this local experiment be the start of a national transformation?
Thrilled to see some excellent work done in Barking & Dagenham getting the national profile it deserves

Reasons to be Cheerful Podcast: Overcoming political polarisation 
This episode features one of my best friends from school. So really a must listen.

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Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash


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