A Month in Review | February

Badges at the Mob Museum in Vegas – Views from the taxi home from London Bridge – Ikea meatballs – One pan eggs at Greenwich Grind – Me and my iced coffee – St Pancras station – Mowgli cheese on toast – Red velvet donut – Grind coffee to go

February is the shortest month, but this particular February seemed to actually fly by. It’s crazy to think that I started the month in Vegas – time zones are crazy. You can find my post on our time in Vegas here. As I’ve said before, Vegas is great fun and I would highly recommend spending some time there – it’s a place that really has to be experienced to be believed!

Other than Vegas, February was a bit of a whirlwind of trying to finish off work things as I was in the last weeks of a project before decamping up north for my first properly long-term project since I joined the company.

A fun outing that me and my housemate did make was to the new Ikea that has opened near us. It claims to be their most eco-friendly store, which meant they had canned water (!) and minimal parking. They also have a rooftop terrace which unfortunately was not finished when we visited, although it will offer some great views across the city. We did the standard Ikea thing of having lunch – I had the classic meatballs and mash followed by Daim cake – before wandering around and spending more money than expected. I realised that it was the first time that I had visited Ikea without my parents which made me feel frighteningly like an adult.

To wrap-up our weekend of visiting new places, we also headed to Greenwich Grind which is a relatively new opening of the Grind franchise. I had some top class one-pan eggs and an iced coffee. I’m excited to have such a nice place close to our house to eat and will definitely be going again.

I also spent a weekend catching up with some friends in Nottingham. They’re two of my favourite people and we’re dotted all over the place and so try and meet roughly in the middle. Nottingham was the Big City I would visit with my friends when I was a teenager, so it was super weird and fun to explore some of the parts of Notts that I didn’t see when I was younger (read: anywhere other than Shakeaway and the shopping centre). We went for lunch at Mowgli, an Indian restaurant that is a little reminiscent of Dishoom. I would highly recommend the cheese on toast and the lassis. We also picked up a treat each from Doughnotts, where we had to queue for these ridiculous snacks! Mine was red velvet flavoured; which meant a glazed donut topped with cream cheese frosting and red velvet cake. It was amazing and we sat in the park and enjoyed the unseasonably warm February weather and had a catch up. There is something really special about friends who you don’t necessarily see lots but who make you feel like hardly any time has passed at all.

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