A Month in Review: March

F79DEB3F-B5B0-46CD-A212-6E875CE48914Theatre treats; seeing Phantom of the Opera and Matilda – Sketch for afternoon tea as a birthday treat

March is usually one of my favourite months – mainly because it is my birthday month and whilst I’m not someone who loves throwing huge parties, it does always feel like an excuse for lots of nice things. My chosen celebration with my friends was to go to Sketch for the first time. It was great fun to pull together some of my favourite people to experience something very fancy. I also treated myself to two theatre visits in my birthday week to see two shows I’d been dying to see; Matilda when I was away with work and The Phantom of the Opera on my actual birthday. 26 feels like a strange age and I haven’t quite decided how I feel about this year but I had fun celebrating.


Went to Flight Club with some friends – a professional blogpost – Discovered that Yorkshire burritos are a thing – Dinner at Galvins thanks to a Groupon voucher

March was also a month where I had a couple of life changes – my new project is out of London so I’m returning to the travelling life and the early week starts are fairly draining. We also now have an new housemate which is exciting; although being away does make me feel a bit guilty. Consulting is a weird job at times – I’m coming up to my anniversary with the company which feels a bit mad.

7597742A-C544-4303-96AC-EFB07B6B33EEWhat a lot of my life looks like at the minute – Brunch dessert at Mommi – Saturday night at the theatre [not my favourite show] – A farewell brunch at Greenwich Grind for my housemate

However, one of the things that has kept me sane is doing nice things with my friends and family. A fancy dinner at Galvins due to a great bargain voucher was lovely, and a couple of brunch trips too (although I think I might be having avocado withdrawal). I also went home semi-spontaneously for Mother’s Day which was lovely to see my family and give my cat some love.

422B478A-78B0-4025-885F-0CF03C668417If you squint you can spot the village I grew up in on my train journey to/from client site – Lots of photos from a delicious dinner at Tattu in Leeds

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