A Month in Review | June


It’s mad that we’re somehow over half way done with 2019 – increasingly I’m finding myself longing to find a pause button (see this article about why it does feel that life moves faster as you age).

The highest point of my June was my first ever solo holiday, where I headed to Greece to read books and lie in the sun. You can read my thoughts on the resort and my trip here.

I also went to see Fleetwood Mac this month, finally after buying the extortionate tickets about six months ago. Despite being slightly nervous beforehand that I wouldn’t know the songs – I did, especially as they played mostly songs from Rumours which is one of my favourite albums. Steve Nicks still has just got it, and the band are excellent musicians.

We also headed to our favourite ridiculous Saturday night at Clapham Grand for a singalong Hercules screening. The Grand has singalong or drinkalong film screenings that then morph into a pop club night – and are a really good time.

My work team up north ventured to a fancy local restaurant – the Waterside Bistro in Shipley is highly recommended by us! I wolfed down asparagus with duck egg; duck and then courgette cake all of which was amazing – as was the Yorkshire wine that accompanied it.

I also went to Zoo Lates with some colleagues which was such fun – there is something great about being in ZSL without a bunch of screaming children and the sight of many adults being excited about animals is always novel.

The final days of the month featured the hottest day ever – whilst we had a heatwave last year I don’t remember it ever being this singularly hot. It hit about 33 degrees whilst my housemate and I were out – and big shout out to The Sipping Room for having sun cream available on all their tables. Judging by the greyness outside my window, this does seem to have been our full summer.

The month also ended with the loss of my Grandad. I’m terrible at writing about what people meant to me – but Grandad was a great man, who was an incredible storyteller and who I will miss a lot.

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